Homework and Grading Procedures

  • Homework and Grading Procedures



    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Welcome to another school year at Tilden Elementary Center.  It is a pleasure to have your child in fourth grade!  We are looking forward to a busy and productive year!




    It is important that you and your child are aware of the homework and grading procedures for the fourth grade curriculum.  Homework is an important part of the learning process; therefore, it should be taken very seriously.  Homework will be given on most nights, but not all.  The amount of time necessary to complete the assignments will vary each night.




    Daily assignments are given to reinforce specific skills or concepts taught in class.  Students should be able to complete most of the work independently.  If students do have difficulty with any assignments, they may seek your help.  When this occurs, please try to assist them as best you can; however, do not do the work for them.


    There may be instances when students bring home an assignment with which they have not had much experience.  This situation occurs when students are removed from the classroom due to doctors’ appointments, instrumental music lessons, guidance, speech, etc.  It will be your child’s responsibility to find out what work was missed.  Also, if your child is absent, please make every effort to contact the school for homework or arrange for another student to bring work home. 




    All assignments will be listed on the classroom homework board.  One of your child’s daily responsibilities is to record assignments in his/her agenda book.  It is then your child’s duty to complete all assignments and return the work to school the next day.  We ask that you please review and sign the assignment book on a nightly basis.  We also ask that you please look over the completed assignments before the next school day.  This will encourage all students to do their best work because they know that they are accountable to both their parents/guardians and teacher.





    Your child’s daily work, quizzes, tests, and projects will be used to determine your child’s grade. If by chance there is a need for retests, it will be noted in the comment section of your child’s report card.  The following grade scale, established by the Hamburg Area School District, will be used for grading:


    94% - 100%            =  A

                                    86% - 93%            =  B

                                    76% - 85%            =  C

                                    70% - 75%            =  D

                                    Below 70%           =  F




    1.       Please encourage strong study habits with your child.  If your child needs help, provide help but don’t do it for him/her.


    2.       Unless otherwise stated, all work must be done in pencil.  Please encourage cursive handwriting and neatness.


    3.       Remember, homework is a vital part of the learning process.





    Please feel free to call us at Tilden Elementary School at 610-562-2241 or email us.  Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.  By working together, we’ll all have a successful school year!




    Fourth Grade Team


    4D  – Mr. Donley              micdon@hasdhawks.org