What is Daily 5?

  •    What is Daily 5 ?

    As you may already know, your child participates in small reading groups on a daily basis. In order to make the most of this time and give your child as much time spent on literacy-based activities as possible, I have decided to implement the Daily 5.    

    Daily 5 is a way of organizing small group reading time. While I meet with a small group of students , the other students participate in one of five literacy-building activities: Word Work, Work on Writing, Read to Self, Read to Someone or Listen to Reading. The students choose which activities they participate in each day and in what order. Students do three rotations a day. One of those rotations is with the teacher to do small group reading instruction.

    For example, a child's first rotation might be with me, but their next two rotations are up to them. He might choose Read to Self as his second choice and Word Work as his third.

    Regardless of what your child chooses, they are sure to be engaged in an educational activity. Having choice in an activity encourages students to have ownership over their own learning. The following is a brief description of each choice...


    Read to Self- Student chooses a "good-fit" book and finds a comfortable place in the room to read.

    Word Work - Students practice spelling words by typing them on old keyboards or writing them on white boards. They may also find words in our "Boggle" board. We also have games to practice synonyms, prefixes, suffixes, etc.

    Work on Writing -  Students may write about whatever inspires them in their Writing Journals. Many students have chosen to write stories. Some like writing about their day or whatever's on their mind. If a student would like me to read their journal and write something back, I will do so. For students who have writer's block, I have MANY story-starter cards to choose from.

    Read to Someone -  Students find a partner to read with. They take turns reading and checking for understanding.

    Listen to Reading - Students listen to stories being read aloud on the Wonder's website. Students have access to this website at home as well.