• 8 White Policy


    §  Homework is an important part of classroom activities and must be completed before class.  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure he or she understands the assignment, its purpose, all requirements, and the due date.

    §  A grade of zero (0) may be given for any homework assignment not submitted when required.

    §  Homework must be neat, legible, free of graffiti, and accurate.

    §  If a student knows he or she will be missing a class period when homework may be assigned, he or she should obtain the assignment from the teacher or another peer.  Homework assignments may also be obtained on the internet.

    §  Each student must keep track of assignments in the Middle School Agenda Book, provided by the school.  It is the students’ responsibility to keep track of his or her assignments and the Agenda Book is an effective tool to accomplish this responsibility.  We encourage parents to check the Agenda Book and the Home Access Center each night to be sure all assignments have been completed.



    §  All students will be in their homerooms by the warning bell.  If a student is late to homeroom, he or she must report to the office to obtain a pass before going to homeroom. 

    §  All 8 WHITE students are expected to remain in the eighth grade classroom areas and hallways.  Do not roam through other grade areas unless permission is granted by a teacher to do so.

    §  Academic study period is used as a quiet study hall.  Students are expected to arrive prepared with study materials.  If students arrive unprepared, they will receive supplemental work from the teacher.



    §  Lockers will be located near homerooms.  Be sure to plan ahead each morning to be prepared for classes.

    §  Stopping at a locker before class is not a valid excuse for being late.

    §  Students should not give their locker combination to anyone else.

    §  Students are only to use the locker to which they have been assigned.

    §  The 8 White team may issue or change the rules regarding locker access between classes.



    §  Core teachers may have specific requirements for binders.



    §  Writing will be incorporated in ALL core classes. Students are expected to write in complete sentences at all times.

    §  It is expected that all grammatical rules and requirements will be followed and used in writing across the curriculum.