Grade 8 Homework and Grading Policy

  • 8th Grade Grading Policy

    Greetings, parents and guardians of our eighth grade students!  One of the primary focuses of this school year will be preparing our students for their transition from the middle school to the high school.  In doing so, your child will have greater responsibility regarding his or her academics and will be held more accountable for his or her behavior.  Furthermore, we work with the ninth grade teachers in an attempt to ensure students are entering the high school with the necessary and pertinent skills to succeed in all aspects of their education.  We are looking forward to a productive and enjoyable school year.


    Grading Policy


    Grades will be based on performance, formative and summative assessments: quizzes, tests, varying class work and homework assignments, organizational skills, lab reports, projects, and other categories that are essential to content specific classrooms.


    -         Home Access Center

    o   All grades will be posted online via the Home Access Center on a weekly basis. The only exceptions to this will be fitness testing, projects, labs, and essays since they require a significantly longer amount of time to assess. We ask all parents and students to access their grades online via the Home Access Center in order to stay abreast of their academic progress.

    o   The following is the link to the Home Access Center:

    o   If you are having trouble logging into the system, please email for your username and password information

    -         Absence Policy

    o   If a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to check individual teacher websites for any potentially missed class notes and/or homework assignments. Additionally, students can ask their teachers for any missed class work and/or assignments the day they return to school.

    o   As per school policy, if your child is absent for three or more days, we encourage you to contact Kathy Freymoyer, Guidance Secretary, and ask for teachers to complete a “Homework Request Form” for your child.

    o   As per district policy, in the event of an excused absence, students have the number of days they were absent to complete any missed assignments. If the student fails to make up any assignments, tests or quizzes within the provided days, a score of zero will be recorded.



    Homework Policy


    Homework is an important part of classroom activities, and it serves as practice and reinforcement of learned skills and concepts addressed in class. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure he or she understands the assignment, its purpose, all requirements, and the due date. If a student is having trouble understanding the expectations or requirements of any assignment, it is his or her responsibility to ask for help from that teacher prior to the due date (class period) of the assignment.


    The following is a list of homework expectations:


    - A grade of zero may be given for any homework assignment not submitted when required.


    - Homework must be neat, legible, free of graffiti, and accurate.


    Each student must keep track of assignments in the Middle School Agenda Book, provided by the school.  It is the students’ responsibility to keep track of his or her assignments, and the Agenda Book is an effective tool to accomplish this responsibility.  We strongly encourage parents to check the Agenda Book and individual teacher websites each night to be sure all assignments are completed.



    Parental communication is very important to ensure the success of our students. The following is a list of communication methods that we utilize:

    1) Updated team and individual teacher websites-- i.e. homework assignments, class notes, hand-outs, upcoming assessments and projects, upcoming field trips, grade-wide activities etc.

    2) Email— Teachers will initiate and/or respond to parent emails on an individual basis or as a team.

    3.) Phone calls—Teachers are available during designated team times to initiate or return parent phone calls. 8Red teachers are available every day from 9:40AM to 10:30AM while 8White teachers are available every day from 1:00PM to 1:50PM.

    4.) Conferences—Teachers or parents may request conferences regarding students as needed. Conferences may include administration and/or guidance counselors.