Act 126 -Child Abuse Reporting Update and Resources

  •      Act 126 or the Child Protective Services Law and Educator Discipline Act requires professional development for all school entities to be able to recognize and report suspected abuse of children in PA.

     The new bills and amendments were effective on 12/31/2014. Access to the information can obtained on the PA General Assembly website at



    The new bill as it applies to educators requires:

    •  Updates to Child Clearances
    • 3 hours of professional development from a  PA Department of Welfare approved provider
    • Directly reporting suspected child abuse to ChildLine ( 1-800-932-0303) instead of deferring the call to building administrators or counselors.


    An informative training if you would like more information can be found on the following website:

    * Although this training may not apply to your Act48 requirements, it provides useful handouts and a nice overview of the various changes to the Child Welfare System in PA.