Classroom Procedures

  • Classroom Procedure

    Civics – Room 10

    Mr. Zimmerman


        1.  Conduct yourself in a respectful manner towards the teacher and the other students in

            the class. There are consequences to your actions.


       2. All formal rules of conduct will be observed as noted in the school handbook.


       3. Obtain all materials before the start of class (e.g. pencils sharpened or pen, notebook,

           notebook paper, laptops, etc.) 


       4. Clear your desk of all materials except those needed for class.  You will need these

           materials everyday unless you are told otherwise, especially a writing instrument!

               - Notebook and a Pen or Sharpened Pencil.

               - Please have you Laptop charged so you are prepared to use it in class.


       5.  Restroom breaks.  If you need to use the facilities, fill out your agenda, sign out,

            ask me to sign your agenda, and then go.  You don't have to ask. Same for the nurse.


       6.  If you are absent it is your responsibility to make up material that you missed.

           Students should be prepared to make up work missed as soon as possible.  If you

           missed a quiz or test, that material must be made up as soon as possible, but no later

           than three (3) days after that day you were absent.  This five-day limit will be in

           effect for all units, unless otherwise announced and noted on the board.  Students

           not taking the quiz, exam, or other assigned work with his or her class period as

           scheduled will take a make-up quiz, exam, or alternate assignment.  Make-up work

           will cover the same material, but is subject to be in a different format.  If the

           work is not made up within three (3) days, the student will receive a grade of a

           zero for that work.  Any material/make-up work submitted after the due date

           will not be graded, it would receive a grade of zero.  This zero will be included

           in the points earned by that student.


       7.  If you are absent when graded work is returned to your class it is your 

            responsibility to retrieve your work from the folder for your class period. 

           After you have checked over your work and recorded your grade you must place

           it in your notebook.  All tests will be returned to Mr. Zimmerman. 


       8.  The textbook will be kept at home.  It is not to be used as a file, that is what

            your notebook is for.  Do not store paper in you textbook because it ruins the

            binding of the book.  Store all classroom paper in your notebook. 


       9.  Violation of any of the established rules and procedures may result in, but is

            not limited to detention.


       10.  Any work showing evidence of cheating, copying, or plagiarism will not be accepted

             and the student will receive a grade of zero.


       11.  This page should not be assumed to include all necessary rules and regulations.   

             Others may be added or modified as the situation warrants.  However, the

             final decision rests with the teacher.