Grading Requirements

  • Grading and Requirements

    Civics – Room 10

    Mr. Zimmerman


    1. Homework:

                    Whenever homework is checked or collected, and it proves to be unacceptable, the

    following policy will be followed.

    A.      When homework is not completed, or incomplete, the student will be given one day to submit the completed assigned work if the assignment in question is collected.  Half credit will be given if the assignment is complete and only if the assignment has not been reviewed in class.  If the assignment has been reviewed in class on the due date refer to 1B.

    B.      If the assignment is checked in class and is not completed and is reviewed in class on the due date the student will receive partial credit for the amount of work completed or a zero for no effort to complete the assignment.

    C.      Students will be given one day to make-up homework.  If the student fails to complete the assignment he or she will receive a detention for each day the assignment is not handed-in or until the assignment has been reviewed in class.  This includes projects or any other form of work given time outside of the classroom to be completed.

    D.      In addition, failure to have your textbook covered and failure to bring materials to class will count as an incomplete homework assignment.

    E.       If the student continuously shows no effort in completing homework assignments, three continuous incidents for example, a phone call will be placed to a parent or guardian.


    2.  Notebooks:

    A.      The notebook is the responsibility of each individual student.  Notebooks should be neat, well organized, and have no loose papers.  The notebook is a valuable resource for this class and should be with you everyday you attend class.  At no time will the notebook be submitted for extra credit. 

    B.      Suggested Notebook Organization:

    1.  The beginning of the notebook should always contain the following:

    a.  Title page (Name, Course, Period, and Teacher).

    b. Grading and Requirement handout,  Classroom Procedure handout, Extra Credit

                                     Procedure and Grade Pages.

    2.  These pages shall remain in the notebook for the entire year.

    C.      Chapter Organization:

    1.       Each handout, notebook paper, etc. shall be placed in the notebook as it is received.


    3.  Grading Procedures:

    A.      Each assignment that is graded will be given a value of points.

    Examples; Homework         5 points                       10-15 assignments per quarter.

                       Quizzes                 10 points                    5-10 per quarter.

                       Examinations      100 points                    3-5 per quarter.

    B.      Classroom participation will affect a student’s grade.  You need to participate!

    C.      Students can earn extra credit points through current events (refer to extra credit handout). 

    D.      All work from each individual unit will be returned, as soon as possible, for the student to check his or her work.

    E.       Each student is expected to keep a record of all grades on the designated Grade Page.

    F.       At the end of the quarter, grades will be determined as follows.

    1.  The total number of points earned by an individual divided by the total number of points 

        allotted equaling his or her quarter grade.

                            Example:    points earned by the student  ------ 2686 divided by

                                               points allotted for quarter  --------- 3000      

                                                                                                         quarter grade =     89.5 = 90%

    G.      Maximum quarter grade can reach a 100%.

    H.      Minimum quarter grade can be as low as a zero (fourth quarter only).