Health Room News

  • Health screenings are part of the required state mandates for all students. The following screenings are done at the High School level in grades 9 through 12.

    • Vision screening for both distance & near vision- done annually
    • Height & weight screening, including BMI calculation & parental letters- done annually
    • Hearing screening in 11th grade & as needed


    Both physical & dental exams are also part of the state mandates for students in Pennsylvania.

    • Most dental exams are done in 7th grade. Sometimes when students move from another state or transfer from another school, these exams are not always sent with the child's health record. A dental exam may be required in these instances.
    • Physical exams are required in 11th grade. According to the doctor in charge of our sports program, sports exams that are given at school will no longer be allowed to count toward the 11th grade mandated physical.
    • You are given the option of having your child's dental or physical exam given at school by our school physician/dentist or by your own medical provider. Mandated exams given at school are free of charge.