My Classroom Policies

    If you are asked to stop inappropriate behavior, you will be expected to stop immediately. If you are asked repeatedly, you may need to be removed from the current activity and receive a zero grade for any mark incurred for that class period. The most common violation is continual talking in class. When I am talking, you should not be. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking.

    TREAT ALL SCHOOL PROPERTY AND THE PROPERTY OF OTHERS WITH CARE AND RESPECT (textbooks, desk, laptops, etc.). Textbooks should have a bookcover. If you lose or damage your book or laptop you may be expected to pay replacement costs. This rule may also apply to lab equipment that you break.

    NO GUM OR FOOD of any type should be brought into the laboratory. This is for your own safety.

    SHOW UP FOR CLASS ON TIME. This means you need to be in your seat at the bell. Bring all things to class. You will not be allowed to go to your locker after the bell. If you are late three times without a pass, you will receive a detention for the fourth tardy and every tardy thereafter.  See me if there are valid reasons for lateness.

    COME TO CLASS PREPARED. Bring your textbook, notebook, agenda, calculator and pencil.

    ACTIVATION OF THE EMERGENCY EYEWASH/SHOWER UNIT  in a non-emergency situation will result in suspension from school.

    BATHROOM POLICY: I will allow limited visits for emergency situations. Please do not abuse the situation.

    NO CHEATING:  If I catch you cheating, both the person who is copying and the person allowing him/her to copy will receive a zero. Ask me for help, I will coach you through the material.  I will explain this in more detail in class.

    PLAGIARISM is considered stealing. If a student plagiarizes he/she will receive a zero for the project. Remember, don’t copy lab reports. I will show you how you can share/use information properly.

    IF YOU ARE ABSENT, it is your responsibility to check the assignment board (in class or on-line), to see what work you need to make up. Make sure to ask for a pass to  make up tests or when you would like extra help.

    THE BELL DOES NOT DISMISS THE CLASS, the teacher does.

    TO CONTACT ME AFTER SCHOOL HOURS, please use the school Email address: I will respond as soon as time allows. I may also be reached by phone at 610-562-3861 extension 2135. I cannot respond to messages left on my home Email or answering machine.

    PLEASE COME SEE ME whenever you have questions, comments, or concerns.  I am happy to help you.

    *ALL STUDENTS WILL ENJOY CLASS. Fun is a requirement I do not take lightly. Even if you refuse to have fun, I promise I will try to. If it seems that I am not having fun, it is your responsibility to remind me to!

    Please sign the form in room 35  indicating you have read and agree to abide by the classroom policy rules.