Classroom News


                                        Together Everyone Achieves More

    T – Tilden Elementary students are working together in the gymnasium to become a unified group of students. We have been participating in many different types of team building and problem solving activities. Meeting physical challenges in small and large groups provides the children with opportunities to learn about sharing ideas while developing strategies, and then taking turns being leaders and followers. Using effective communication and being aware of the group members’ abilities and needs helps each group become successful while participating in the activities included in their lessons.

    E – Everyone has fun using traditional and unusual pieces of equipment. Hula hoops have many uses as the children learn about their personal space, or hold them at their waist to create a traveling space ship. Mats were used to make lots of noise and take classmates on a magic carpet ride. Pool noodles were used to move a beach ball, to experiment with balancing activities, to create a bowling alley, and much more.

    A – All of the children are given the opportunity to train their bodies and enjoy physical activity. We begin each day with a fun warm-up activity known as our Wellness minute. We use music and simple exercise routines as a part of our opening exercises. The children are learning to condition their bodies while they jog at the beginning of each P.E. class.

    M – Moving safely has been the important skill the younger students are working to develop. We practice moving at different speeds, in different directions, and in a variety of pathways. It is important that the children learn to be aware of their position in space and in relationship to other people moving in a shared space. Everyone wants to have fun and be safe as we move!

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    Please help your children remember to wear their sneakers on Gym Day. This is an important part of being able to participate in all of the class activities. Wearing the proper footwear that is secured to their feet is especially important for the safety of your child and the other children in the class!!!