Ghost Catchers


             Does your dryer eat socks? Well, when you have a few unmatched socks you can turn them into a fun way to play toss and catch! You will need to begin with a white tube sock. Take other unmatched socks or a small foam ball and stuff them into the toe of the tube sock. Tie a piece of string at the edge of the stuffed area to make a ball shape at one end of the sock with the remaining part of the sock hanging freely. (You can add a goofy face to give you ghost a little character!) Now the fun can begin……. You can simply play toss and catch with your ghost, or try to catch the ghost by its tail. If you make more than one ghost, you can use a bucket as a catching receptacle and take turns trying to catch the flying ghosts in the bucket. Feel free to use your imagination and create your own ghostly fun!