P. E. Class Attire

  • Proper Attire for Gym Classes

    What type of clothing should a student wear for Gym class?

    It is strongly recommended that the students wear comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely without restrictions. Clothing that is too tight or overly loose may be it difficult for the children to participate in the designated activities planned for class. Pants that are too long can get caught under their feet and cause them to slip and fall.

    What types of shoes should be worn for Gym Class?

    Almost any type of sneaker is appropriate for participation in class activities. Sneakers are designed to allow for easy movement and to protect the feet and ankles from injuries that could occur while participating in vigorous activities. Sneakers with platform soles, open backs, or ones that are large and bulky are not safe for the children to wear for class. Some types of rubber soled slip on shoes (the ones that look more like dress shoes) are mistaken to be sneakers. This type of footwear does not stay secured on their feet, and does not provide the proper support for the feet. Many rubber soled shoes that are not sneakers frequently leave terrible black marks on the floors. We ask that they do not wear these types of shoes for class. There is a file link at the bottom of this section that will show you photographs of the types of footwear that are acceptable and unacceptable for class participation

    It is also very important that their sneakers be tied properly to secure the sneakers to their feet! We know it is the style to wear sneakers with the laces lying loosely across the top of the shoe, and we know that it takes time an effort to tie your sneakers each time you go to put them on BUT safety is more important than style and enhancing laziness!! Not tying your sneakers properly is like riding in a car without a seat belt.... The shoe stops but the foot inside does not and then that sliding inside the shoe can lead to injuries.

    If your child would like to wear sandals, boots or dress shoes to school that is fine, please have them place their sneakers in their backpacks to be used during gym class time. There may be times that your child will be asked to sit on the side and watch class if they are not wearing the appropriate footwear.

    May jewelry be worn for Gym Class?

    Yes, some types of jewelry will not interfere with a student’s participation in class. Long necklaces, bangle or loose fitting bracelets should be removed. Earrings that are hoops or hang down and away from the earlobe will need to be removed. We don't want to take the risk that a long or hoop earring might get caught and be pulled or torn from a student's ear. Special dishes are provided for the students to put their possessions at the end of class.

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