Turkey Tag

  • J  FAMILY FUN IDEA …..    Turkey Tag

    Use construction paper or any other type of paper to make some long and thin oval strips that can represent turkey feathers. Have each family member be responsible to write a statement on a few feathers until all the feathers have a written message placed on each of them. (The written words could be a statement about something the person is thankful for, or a special message that the writer would like to share with the family.)

    Several of the feathers can be taped to a small piece of rope to create a belt to be worn by the participants. The family members who are playing in the tag game will take one of the feather belts and tie it around his/her waist.

    Now the fun can begin…..the family members should play the game of tag in a large open area to assure that everyone can run safely without having collisions. One person can be designated to be the turkey hunter. His/ her job is to chase the turkeys and pull off their tag feathers. After a feather is plucked, the group can take a break and read the message on the feather.

    Continue playing until all of the feathers have been plucked and the messages have been shared. Enjoy your special family time!!