• J  FAMILY FUN IDEA….    Charades

    Does your family have members with creative minds? Charades is a fun way to allow those creative people to express themselves! Each person is challenged to use their physical movements to describe an occupation, activity, or other special circumstance in life. Before the game begins, take some small pieces of paper and write something special on each piece of paper…..for example: the name of an occupation ( a farmer) , or list an everyday task (taking out the trash) on the paper. When it is time to play, the first player selects a paper and then tries to act out the motions of the activity listed on the paper without saying anything! The rest of the family tries to guess the activity being portrayed by the actor. The first player to guess correctly becomes the next person to act out a physical challenge. If the next leader would prefer, he/she can use an idea that is not listed on one of the pieces of paper.

    Continue to play until your stomach hurts from laughing! And then…. Maybe you want to keep playing anyway!