Jump Rope for Heart

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    The Elementary division of the Hamburg School District has been a strong supporter of the American Heart Association since the 1980's. Our students have proudly participated in this special community service project in the early spring in the Tilden Elementary gymnasium. The children from Perry and Tilden Elementary Schools join forces to show their committment to helping others. 

    The students attend a morning session and spend their time participating in a variety of rope jumping stations. They demonstrate their abity to jump individually with the short ropes, enjoy challenging their jumping skills while they participate in long rope jumping games, and and interact with other pieces of equipment designed to enjoy jumping skills. They also participate in many differnt types of jumping activities while moving from station to station.




    Our school is participating in a very special community service program to raise funds for the American Heart Association. We are joining the fight against our nation’s N. 1 and No. 3 killers - cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

    On Saturday, November 4th, our schools will held a Jump Rope for Heart event at Tilden Elementary Center. The event will be held in the school gymnasium for children from both of our district’s elementary schools. The 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students will had their event from 9:00 am to 12;00 am. . Parents were invited to come and watch the event taking place or volunteer their assistance in helping to conduct the special jumping activities. These events are held nationwide and help students learn about the benefits of regular physical activity and heart health while they raise funds to support vital research and educational programs.

    The money we raise will help people in our community learn how to avoid heart disease and stroke in order to live longer, healthier lives. A portion of the funds collected is used to support research projects. The school will also qualify for gift certificates for physical education equipment based on the amount of money we raise. Students will receive thank-you gifts based on the amount they collect. This year we raised $3,242.10 for the American Heart Association and it's programs.

    Family and friends are welcome to support your child’s participation by making contributions. We ask that children not go door-to-door or ask strangers for donations. Supporters can donate by cash, with a check made payable to the American Heart Association or online at www.americanheart.org/jump. Some employers and businesses will offer matching gift programs. You can help your child register and create his or her own Web page with the tools provided on line. Your child can include a message about why he or she is participating in Jump Rope for Heart.

    If your child is interested in being a participant, he or she can bring home a packet of information with more detailed instructions for how to participate. There will be a Release and Indemnification (permission slip) form to be completed and returned to school. The children can then begin to share their time and efforts with others to make this event successful.

    Participation in Jump Rope for Heart helps our children understand the importance of community service and physical activity. The money collected will support the Am. Heart Association’s programs that help to  save more lives each year….maybe your own or that of someone in your family. Our efforts truly make a difference!


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your children’s Elementary Physical Education Teachers.


                                            Lorrie Wolfinger


                            Tilden Elementary


                      610-562-0291   ext .4506