Mini Winter Carnival

  • J     FAMILY FUN IDEA……… A Mini Winter Carnival


    Take a few minutes and look around the house for some goodies that could be used to create your own target games. You have special treasures right under your nose that can contribute to your family fun. Here are a few ideas……

    -          Plastic containers and bowls could be targets for a penny pitch game. Place a piece of paper in each container or bowl that explains the prize to be won, or put a small piece of candy that can be won when the penny lands in the bowl.

    -          Place pieces of paper on the floor to be used as targets. Make sock balls to roll across the floor and strive to have them land on the various pieces of paper. Each piece of paper can have a designated point value to accompany it, and then see who can score the most points each time the balls are rolled.

    -          Wooden spoon golf clubs, and little rubber balls, marbles, or ping pong balls could be united to create a mini-mini golf course. Make a ramp from a cereal box and place a jar lid at the end to serve as the hole. Pencils could be placed in parallel lines to create zig zag pathways to a hole.

    -          Round plastic container lids can be tossed like Frisbees to land in a cardboard box placed across the room. If you cut out the center of the plastic lids you can create rings to be tossed on soda bottles, ketchup bottles, salad dressing bottles or other tall thin items.

    -          The possibilities are endless !!!  Just think outside the box and have some fun!!!