Wheel Tag in the Snow

  • J   FAMILY FUN IDEA ………”.Wheel Tag” in the Snow

    One of these days we will have some snow to play in and here’s an unusual way to play tag that can be a lot of fun!

    Begin by stamping pathways into the snow that looks like the wheel shape shown on the diagram below. This creates the playing area for you.

     *  Select one of your family members to be “It”. His/her job is to

    chase the rest of the family members around the wheel while trying to

    tag someone with his/her hand.

    *All of the participants must stay in the designated pathways as they

     play the game. All pathways can be two way traffic.

    *The center circle may be a resting place for a short period of time

    (You can decide how long you would like to allow someone to stay in

     the resting circle).

    *  Try using the different spokes of the wheel to get out of range from the person who is It, or use the spokes as a way to take a short cut to tag someone.  The possibilities are endless!

    *  It might be interesting to create your own shaped pathways! Regardless of the types of pathways you create, your main objective is to have some fun together!!.....and get a little