Penny Walks

  • J FAMILY FUN IDEA ……….Penny Walks

    This special activity has been one of Mrs. Wolfinger’s family favorites for a spring afternoon or summer evening. Gather your family together and put on your walking shoes. Your walk will begin at the sidewalk in front of your home with a penny to help you decide which way to go. Allow one family member to determine if heads will represent walking to the right or to the left. Then flip the penny into the air. If heads appear “up” begin walking in the direction of the designated side of the coin. (I.e. If heads represents right then begin walking to the right) Continue walking until you arrive at a corner. Now it is time to make another decision. You have 3 possible ways to move….right, left, or forward. Decide which 2 ways you think you might want to walk in and then assign each one of those directions to a side of the penny. Now flip the coin into the air and look to see which side is “up”, and then proceed in that direction. (i.e.heads = right, tails = straight…..tails appears up so everyone goes straight) Continue to follow this procedure when you arrive at each corner. Have fun walking! At some point you will decide to just head directly home and then save the penny for another day…. The pathways to follow can be different each time you go for a walk…. Have many wonderful adventures with your family!!