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  • We only go around once. There's really no time to be afraid. So stop. Try something you've never tried. Teach it. Do it. Risk it.
    - Jon Blais



    You have entered the site for the Gifted Support Program in the Elementary and Middle School divisions of Hamburg Area School District. Please come back on a regular basis for updates on our activities.

    Our main objective is to foster critical thinking and problem solving skills across all areas of the curriculum with a focus on the appreciation of lifelong learning. The program's activities include:

    ~Higher order thinking skills

    ~Scientific experiments

    ~Writing using all genres

    ~Art appreciation

    ~Music appreciation

    ~Community awareness

    Students are assessed according to guidelines given for individual projects and individual class participation.

    The class participation grade is comprised of:

    *Cooperation with the teacher and fellow students

    *Enthusiasm for learning

    *Maintaining an atmosphere of mutual respect for learning

    If you need to contact me, please e mail or call:

    (610) 562-2241, ext. 3803 Middle School, ext. 5302 Perry, ext.4132 Tilden