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Speed & Agility Training @ HASD

The past two summers, we’ve have had remarkable success with the speed, agility and explosion training camp explained on the flyer linked below.

This is available to boys and girls rising into grades 7 thru 12 at just $95 if registered before May 26th.

If your child is a senior who will participate in sports collegiately, they’re welcomed to participate. 

There are 14 sessions for $95.  Similar training on a private level can cost as much as $80-$100 for just 1 session!

This is an incredible value, and all of the trainers are certified.  The primary trainer is Eric Markovcy, the Head Strength Coach at Lehigh University.  All of the trainers who assist have worked as assistants at Lehigh.

In order for the camp to operate at $95/athlete, we need to have 35 athletes register.

If you miss a week due to vacation, no problem!  Still a remarkable value.

Training is Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the stadium 830am-945am, beginning June 9 and ending July 28.  No training July 5.

If you would like to sign your child up for training this summer, please return the following registration form to the athletic office in the High School before May 26th.


Questions?  email