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    WOW! I cannot believe we are in the month of February already!

    Will Phil see his shadow?

    We will be celebrating the 100th day of school on Monday, February 4th.  Please dress like you are 100 years old!

    In the upcoming months, third grade will really be focusing on our PSSA preparation for the state tests that all third grade students are required to take in spring. Please make sure your child is in school as much as possible so they are able to benefit from this test preparation.


    In math, students have been practicing their multiplication and division facts. Students are getting better and better with their fluency! Great Job! Remember to keep practicing on a nightly basis. So far this year, we have learned about understanding multiplication and division of whole numbers, using multiplication facts to find patterns, applying properties to multiplication facts, using multiplication to divide, practiced fluency for multiplication and division facts, interpreting data through pictographs and bar graphs, and an introduction to fractions. We will continue to practice 2 step word problems on a daily basis. In the upcoming weeks, students will learn how to measure in centimeters and inches along with making line plots, area and perimeter, and more about fractions.


    In English Language Arts, we continue to progress through Unit 3. Students will begin to complete their entire language arts assessment on their own. When students take the PSSA's in spring, I will not be allowed to help them, so this is a wonderful way to practice completing reading passages independently. Throughout the year, students will read a variety of genres including fantasies, realistic fiction, biographies, autobiographies, expository texts, poetry, and folktale.


    In Science, we are working on our unit on the Solar System, Sun, and Moon. The students are enjoying learning about our planet Earth and all of the other planets along with the sun and moon. When we are finished with the Solar System, we will move onto a unit in Social Studies on Landforms.


    Please make sure you child is dressed appropriately for outside recess. We have seen some very cold and windy days on our playground! Please have your child bring a winter jacket, hat, and gloves to put on at recess. We need the students in school as much as possible so they do not fall behind in their academic studies.




    Month of February:

    2 - Happy Groundhog's Day - Will Phil see his shadow?

    4 - 100th Day of School (pending snow days)

    14 - Happy Valentine's Day

    18 - President's Day - Snow Make Up Day!







    Month of March:

    9-10 - Daylight Savings - Spring Ahead Saturday Night!

    17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day





    Snow Day Make-Ups:

    Monday, February 18 (President's Day)

    Wednesday, June 5

    Thursday, June 6 (Early Dismissal)







    As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me to discuss them. I am available through email at mardon@hasdhawks.org or by phone before school from 8:10-8:25 and after school until 4:00pm at (610) 562-2241 (ext. 4213 ). Over the summer, please use email for communication purposes as I will not be in school to get any phone messages.