My Home Page - Welcome to Art at Perry


    My name is Mrs. Laura O'Keefe

    You might be wondering where your child’s art work is? I keep it until the end of the school year because I need to have it available for different art shows during the school year. Your child will create an original portfolio and all art work will be placed in that portfolio and sent home sometime in May or June.

    In my classroom your child may get a little messy. The good news is that most of the art materials we will be using are for the most part, water soluble and can easily be washed with laundry detergent . For tough stains like oil pastels, I found that Murphy's oil soap and Goo-gone work well. Your child may also bring an art smock to class. The smocks will have to be stored in the regular classroom.

    My focus is to foster creativity and self expression while learning about art and artists.