3rd Grade -- Solar System WebQuest

  • Introduction
    Congratulations! You two have been selected to become the first astronauts to visit the several planets of the solar system at one time! NASA wants to learn more about the planets and they believe you two are the perfect duo for the job. Your spaceship awaits you! NASA has provided you enough fuel for your spaceship to travel for three weeks, so work quickly! Now it’s time for you to climb aboard and get ready for one of the greatest challenges of your life!


    Your Mission
    Your mission is simple. Choose four planets to visit, not including Earth. This decision is entirely up to you two. NASA recommends that one of you visit two planets while the other visits another two. Next, find the answers to the questions on the data sheet that NASA has provided for you. This will give NASA the information it needs to further understand the solar system. NASA also needs a picture of each planet you visit, on the back of the data sheet draw the planet you are currently visiting. Upon completion of your mission bring the data sheets back to home base for evaluation.


    You will explore each planet you visit on these two web pages:  StarChild and Enchanted Learning. These will be your tools for finding the answers NASA needs. Search carefully throughout each planets page, these facts may not be as easy to find!

    Upon completion of this project you will hand your datasheets to Mr. Havanko for evaluation. Be sure that you have answered all of the questions correctly before turning in your papers. Incorrect answers will result in a loss of points.

    You have just completed a very difficult mission! Congratulations are in order! You have discovered many facts about our solar system, but there is still a lot about the solar system that we don’t know yet. Do you want to learn more about the planets of our solar system? If so, then check out the vast selection of nonfiction planet books and science fiction books available at the Tilden Elementary library!


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