Virtual Field Trips

  • Virtual Field Trips     

    Virtual Field Trips can offer students a way to visit places without adding cost to a district.  It's a great way to spark a student's interest and motivate their learning in a specific subject areas, such as history, science, and social studies.  Virtual field trips offer students more travel opportunities because they can "visit" places they wouldn't normally be able to go to otherwise - such as a volcano or ocean floor!

    The goal of this webpage is to create a resource of virtual field trip lessons in which students can participate, and other teachers can use.

    Course Description:
    Students will use this webpage as a portal into the world of Virtual Field Trips, discovering a whole world of sights to see and new places to discover.  After reading about specific places and events in the world and in history, students will continue their learning by answering specific questions about a given topic by visiting that place online.

    Course Rationale:
    This webpage is intended for 3rd and 4th grade students who will combine library skills with social studies.  Students who successfully complete the virtual field trip activities will gain knowledge about specific periods of history and places of geographic and historic significance.


    Information for Teachers

    The virtual field trips units could last 3 to 4 weeks to complete, depending on the class and schedule.  Higher performing students may require additional tasks, and lower performing students may require differentiated tasks.