Meet the Teacher: Mr. Havanko

  • Contact Information:

    I'm always happy to answer any questions you have at any time throughout the school year.  You may contact me either by phone or email:

    Phone: 610-562-2241 x4550


    M.Ed. - Instructional Technology in the Digital Classroom
    Instructional Technology Specialist K-12 Certification
    Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

    M.L.S. - Library Science
    Library Science
    K-12 Certification
    Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

    B.A. - English/Professional Writing
    Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

    A.S. - Computer Science
    Lehigh Carbon Community College

    Hobbies and Personal Interests:

    I enjoy getting outside, especially in the fall, to go hiking whenever the opportunity arises.  I mostly enjoy doing some day trips to a state park or a section of the Appalachian Trail.  I also enjoy reading (of course!), photography, going to movies, and watching DIY Network for useful advice on home improvement projects.  Music is a huge inspiration for me.  I'm usually playing a variety of music when I'm working on school work or doing projects at home.


    How Does a School Librarian Benefit YOUR Child?

    What are the educational benefits your child receives by having a full-time certified school librarian in your school?  A full-time certified school librarian greatly impacts your child’s education in a variety of different ways.  The librarian is responsible for maintaining a wide collection of books including fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, magazines, and reference materials – all of which are important to developing your child’s information literacy skills.  Additionally, the school librarian ensures that students are effective users of ideas and information, and is highly skilled in the integration of digital resources to the curriculum.  That makes your librarian a constant resource for teachers who are also integrating technology into the classroom and your child’s education.

    What else does your librarian do for your child and the school community?

    In addition to teaching library classes:

    • Your librarian collaborates with teachers in the teaching-learning process, providing essential materials that help bring lessons alive in the classroom.
    • Your librarian teaches information literacy skills to students, preparing and empowering students to be critical thinkers and skillful researchers in the middle school, which is necessary for completion of homework and class assignments.
    • Your librarian is responsible for reading hundreds of book reviews, selecting the best and most appropriate materials fit for the student. Once these materials are selected, your librarian creates purchase orders and clerically processes the materials.
    • Your librarian is also responsible for a budget, and is always looking for the best value in price and quality that benefits the students and teachers in the classroom.
    • Your librarian provides and maintains a collection of 20,000 current and relevant books and magazines to help foster enthusiasm for reading and reading independently.

    Your librarian also serves as a technology leader in the school:

    • Your librarian keeps up with new technology and is often sought out for help with integrating technology into the classroom.
    • As the district acquires new technology, your librarian is also sought out by faculty and staff for help with computer and technology issues that arise.
    • Your librarian helps acquire materials from other libraries through Inter-Library Loan via the AccessPA database for teachers who require materials outside of the school library collection.
    • Your librarian works closely with the PTO and helps update the district website with important information.

    Your librarian is also educated in Desktop Publishing and serves as Editor of the school newsletter, providing you and your family with current news and information taking place in the classroom.

    Outside of school, your librarian volunteers his time as a member of the Hamburg Area Education Foundation, a non-profit organization developed to cultivate opportunities to advance scholarly, creative, and personal excellence in the Hamburg Area School District.  Your librarian puts in countless hours in the planning of special events that help raise money for your child to apply for educational opportunities outside of the Hamburg Area School District.

    When someone asks how your child benefits from having a school librarian, you can tell them what YOUR school librarian does for the school community.

    For more information, please visit: How Do School Libraries Help Students Achieve Academic Success?