Library Circulation Guidelines

  • "How long may library books be checked out?"
    Students may check out library books for a 2-week loan period. On your child's library day, overdue notices will be printed and given to your child to remind them to return their books.

    "How many books may be borrowed?"
    Kindergarten students are only allowed to borrow one book from the library.  Students in 1st Grade are allowed two Easy Reader stories.  Students in 2nd Grade may select one Nonfiction book and one Easy Reader, or two Easy Readers.  Students in Grades 3 through 5 may sign out up to two books and one magazine at a time.

    "May books be renewed?"
    Yes! Students are always encouraged to renew their books if they need more time to finish reading.

    "How many times may a book be renewed?"
    Students may renew books up to 5 times, unless the book is on hold by another student or patron.

    "What should my child do with their books if they miss library day?"
    Students may return their books to the library upon the next day back at school or hold them until the next library day. Students may not check new books out without the librarian or library clerk being present.

    "What happens if my child loses a book?"
    According to District policy, you will be charged for the cost of the book(s) so a replacement may be purchased. A bill will be sent home indicating the cost of the book(s).  If the matter is not resolved by the end of the marking period, or by the end of the year, your child's report card will be withheld.  Once the matter is resolved, you may pick up your child's report card from the Principal's Office.

    "What happens if my child's book is damaged?"
    The type and level of damage will be assessed by the school librarian who will then determine whether the damage is repairable and if the book is suitable for future use. If the book(s) can not be repaired, you will be charged for the cost of the book so a replacement may be purchased. A bill will be sent home identifying the damage and cost of the book(s).