Late Bus Program

  • Hamburg Area Middle School offers a Late Bus to help student academics


    Hamburg Area Middle School offers a late bus to students who are looking for additional instructional time with their teachers.  Many teachers at the middle school are trying to be creative in developing instructional time to help their students succeed.  This program allows teachers to work more closely with individual students.  Even though the contractual day ends at 3:00PM, many staff are eager to volunteer the additional time for the betterment of their students.  

    Monday through Thursday, a bus stops at the middle school at 3:20PM and takes pre-approved middle school students to the Tilden Elementary Center.  From there, the students ride the elementary bus that travels to their bus stop.

    Bus students are normally dismissed at 2:34PM.  This after-school program creates an additional 40 minutes of voluntary instructional time on an “as needed” basis.  Students MUST make arrangements with specific teachers to utilize this program.  Only students who work with their specific teachers will be allowed to utilize these buses.  The parent/guardian must be contacted by the teacher during the school day to confirm his/her awareness that their child will come home on the elementary bus.  Each child MUST get a signed bus pass from the middle school office, or they will not be permitted to ride the bus.  That pass must be given to the driver of the elementary bus before boarding the bus.  This is the only way drivers and supervisors can keep accurate records of passengers.  

    Detailed procedures are listed below.  This program was piloted in the fourth marking period of the 2010-11 school year, and improvements were made for the 2011-12 school year.  If you have any suggestions for improving this program, please contact the middle school principal with your recommendations.

    This is a tremendous opportunity for students to get additional help in a subject in which they struggle.  Hamburg Area School District is continuously searching for opportunities to improve student success.  This is another example of how teachers of the Hamburg Area School District are willing to give even more to help every student achieve success.


    Procedures:  Students and teachers need to work together collaboratively and communicate with parents/guardians each time a student is going to stay for the late bus. 

    -          The late bus will be available to middle school students Monday through Thursday only.

    -          If a teacher agrees to stay with the student, that teacher and the student MUST make contact with the parent/guardian, either via phone or email with a received confirmation.  We must make sure the parent knows the student will be arriving home on the elementary bus.

    -          The teacher must email the Office Attendance Secretary before 12:00 noon with the student name(s).

    -          The Office Attendance Secretary will compile a list of student names and corresponding teachers and forward that list to the Director of Transportation.

    -          The Director of Transportation will supply the appropriate elementary bus number for each student and return the list to the Office Attendance Secretary by 1:30PM.

    -          The Office Attendance Secretary will complete an official bus pass for each student.

    -          Students must pick up their bus pass in the main office during period 7.

    -          Students are to remain with their instructor until 3:15PM.  NO EXCEPTIONS   Buses must leave the middle school parking lot by 3:20.

    -          Students will not be permitted to board a bus without an official pass.  Students MUST show the official pass to the bus driver as they board the bus at the middle school.  Students are not permitted to travel around campus/town and return to take this bus home.

    -          When the students arrive at the appropriate elementary school, they are to immediately board the appropriate bus.  They must give the official bus pass to that driver, who will add the pass to the bus roster for that day.




    -          This extracurricular program is being offered to assist in the instruction of the middle school students.  As such, bus behavior expectations exceed that of a normal bus ride.  The Six Pillars of Character will be forefront to all involved.  Any violations to the Code of Conduct while on the late bus or an elementary bus will result in the loss of this program for a determined period of time.  Student behaviors of middle school students on the elementary buses are to be representative of model citizens and examples of positive character.

    -          The late bus will not be available to athletes or event spectators.  Practices and games will not be completed by 3:20.

    -          The late bus will not be available to students serving detention.  Detention ends at 3:50.

    -          SST Students may use the late bus if they get a pass from the SST proctor by 12:00 noon.

    -          After School library students may use the late bus if they get a pass from the librarian by 12:00 noon.