6 White Team

  • Welcome to 6 White


    Core Teachers:


    Mr. John Henne- Science/Social Studies           

    e-mail: johhen@hasdhawks.org

    extension:  (610) 562-3990 ext: 3802


    Mrs. Courtney Gougler- Language Arts

    e-mail: cougou@hasdhawks.org

    extension:  (610) 562-3990 ext: 3806


    Mr. Tyler Shappell- Math              

    e-mail: tylsha@hasdhawks.org

    extension:  (610) 562-3990 ext: 3810


    Ms. Jessica Werley- Learning Support 

    e-mail: jeswer@hasdhawks.org

    extension:  (610) 562-3990 ext: 3812


    The best time to reach the team is from 9:15 AM- 10:00 AM

    The school phone number is 610-562-3990.  

    Please also feel free to e-mail individual members of the team should you have any additional concerns about your child.



    Mission for the Team

    Our 3-fold mission is for each student to:

    1. Academically -

    work as hard as he/she can, giving us a 110%. Students will hopefully reach their potential in all subjects while mastering the Common Core Standards .

    2. Socially -

    learn the social skills that are needed to excel in a middle school environment.

    3. Emotionally -

    focus and strive to do his/her best in every class.