Homework Buddies

  • Homework

    Each student should establish a connection with a “HOMEWORK 
    BUDDY” to provide homework assignments in the event of absence from 
    school. Students and parents are encouraged to use this approach to 
    insure completion of missed assignments. Homework assignments are 
    also available on the team pages of the district web page: 

    Students are responsible for homework assigned to them in the 
    classroom. Grading procedures based on homework will be determined 
    by individual teachers/teams. Students will be informed of these 
    procedures at the beginning of the school year.

    Requests for Homework/Make-Up Work

    Students absent for one or two days shall contact their “HOMEWORK 
    BUDDY” for assignments. When students are absent three days or 
    more, parents may call the Guidance/ Counseling Office prior to 9:00 
    a.m. to request homework. If an extended absence is anticipated, 
    arrangements should be made for assignments as soon as possible. 
    Homework assignments are also available on the team pages of the 
    district web page: <www.hasdhawks.org>.