Homework Policy

  • Dear Parents / Guardians:


    As your child’s sixth grade teachers, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you.  We are off to a very productive start and are excited to, as a team, work with you and your child throughout the 2016-2017 school year. 

    We would like you, as the parents, to be involved with your child as he or she progresses through sixth grade.  Therefore, we have attached our general core class guidelines for you to review as well as our homework policy.  Please be sure to sign and return both forms to your child’s homeroom teacher by Friday, September 2, 2016. 

    Should you have any questions concerning these procedures, or if comments or questions arise throughout the school year, please feel free to contact any one of us.  We can be reached as a team daily between 9:18 – 9:58 a.m. at (610)562-3990.  If this time is inconvenient, please call the Hamburg Area Middle School office and leave a message and we will return your call at our earliest convenience.  Our individual extensions are listed below.

    Student assignments can be found on the web site www.hasdhawks.org/webpages/6white .  After logging onto the web site, select “Daily Homework” from the left hand side of the screen. There you will find all of our assignments for each of the four core classes posted on a weekly basis.  It must be understood that we will do all that we can to keep this web site up-to-date, however, there are times that other things must take precedence during the school day.  Because of this, the student agenda should always be checked first as a source for daily assignments as well as upcoming due dates for projects and such. 

    If at any time you should have an immediate concern, please contact us by telephone.  If you have a general question with more flexible time constraints, you may contact us via e-mail at 6white@hasdhawks.org .  

    Thank you for taking the time to be involved with your child’s educational process.



    (610) 562-3990

    Mrs. Courtney Gougler, cougou@hasdhawks.org, (Ext. 3806)

    Mr. Chad Curry, chacur@hasdhawks.org, (Ext. 3810)

    Mrs. Kathy Dimera, katdim@hasdhawks.org (Ext. 3802)

    Mrs. Nancy Vardjan, nanvar@hasdhawks.org (Ext. 3808)


    6th Grade Core Class Guidelines & Grading


    The sixth grade follows the philosophy and grading policy set forth by the Hamburg Area School District.  It is our hope that all students experience mastery in the required areas of study.  The specific grading scale as well as student assignments will be written in their AGENDA.  It is the student’s responsibility to use the agenda regularly and appropriately.  Should a student damage or lose their agenda, it is their responsibility to replace it at the cost determined by the district.

    We expect that each student conscientiously strive to do their best work, completing assignments promptly and returning them to class on the due dates.    Work should be done neatly and according to the directions given in class.  Computers may be utilized when appropriate. The sixth grade homework policy (attached) will be implemented for all missed or incomplete assignments.  Please read over the general core class guidelines listed for each subject area below.


    In this course, students will learn to communicate better by developing writing, presentation, research and computer skills.  Grades will be based on projects completed during class time,  keyboarding performance, and occasional quizzes and tests.


    The Reading and Writing Workshop will be used to help students learn skills and strategies needed to be successful with a variety of text and writing according to the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards. Grades will be based on quizzes, tests, reading journal responses, written assignments, oral presentations, and general academic behaviors, i.e. notebooks and preparedness for class. The majority of homework will be to read self-selected text for 30 minutes each evening.


    The middle school mathematics course will be taught using the “Big Ideas Math” series, a Pennsylvania Common core Standards textbook.  Homework will be regularly assigned for the purpose of reviewing skills taught in class.  Homework will be checked randomly and will be part of the overall math grade along with quizzes and tests.  Notebooks must be kept during the school year and may be graded.


    Grades will be based on an average of total performance.  Total performance takes into account the following:  Tests, Quizzes, Class Labs, Projects, Organization, Science Articles, and Homework.


    Students will be graded on quizzes and tests (about one a week), projects and homework.  Homework will be given 3-4 times a week.  The quarterly grade is determined by the student’s performance on the before mentioned components, giving greater value to more in-depth assignments.  Most assignments are due the next day.  Projects will be given specific due dates and MUST be turned in on time.  All assignments are checked by the teacher or gone over in class.

    It is our goal to make each student yearn to learn and facilitate that growth in their life.



    Mrs. Courtney Gougler, 6th Grade Social Studies

    Mr. Chad Curry, 6th Grade Mathematics

    Mrs. Kathy Dimera, 6th Grade Science

    Mrs. Nancy Vardjan, 6th Grade Language Arts


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    Date: _______________________________________________________________________

    6th Grade Homework Policy


    Dear Parents / Guardians:


    Recent research shows that students who do their homework outperform those who do not, and that homework has a substantial positive effect on the achievement of students.  The teams in sixth grade have become increasingly concerned with the large number of students who do not complete their homework assignments on a regular basis.  It is because of this that we have decided to implement a homework policy that is consistent in all of sixth grade.  Please take time to review this policy spelled out below:


    Step 1:  Any student who misses a total of 3 homework assignments during any one quarter will receive an email or phone call home informing the parent / guardian of the missed work.


    Step 2:  Any student who misses 6 homework assignments during any one quarter will receive an after school detention.


    Step 3:  Any student who misses 9 homework assignments during any one quarter will lose the privilege of participating in school sponsored activities and events which include but are not limited to:  participation in field trips, assemblies, dances, celebrations, and movies.


    Please understand that the above steps describe missed assignments in all five core classes cumulatively.  The first day of each quarter every student will begin with zero missed assignments and once again be eligible for school sponsored activities.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy please do not hesitate to call or email your child’s team.  We are sincerely hoping that this will deter incomplete assignments for the school year and therefore reflect better overall grades.  Thank you for your support!


    6th Grade Core Teachers

    I have read and understand the above homework policy and will do my best to reinforce the importance of homework by encouraging my son/daughter to consistently complete their assignments.  Please use the below phone number or email address to reach me should my child miss 3 homework assignments and be placed on Step 1.


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