Earth Science - 8 Red

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          Phone: 610-562-2241  Team Time Even Days:   1:20-2:10 

    Google Classroom:   These sites contain copies of assignments and homework.  Each student is part of a class that corresponds to their science class period.  Students must sign-on using their hak12 google account. 




    + The course outline should remain in their binder all year.  

    + All homework assignments are posted on Google Classroom and emailed home



    Course Description:

    This course introduces eighth grade students to the four main branches of Earth Science: geology, meteorology, astronomy, and hydrology.

    • Geology: Plate tectonics, Inside Earth, Earth's Composition
    • Meteorology: Weather & Climate
    • Astronomy: Our Solar System, Stars, Galaxies, & the Universe
    • Hydrology: The Water Cycle          

     "What happens to us is irrelevant to the world's geology, but what happens to the world's geology is not irrelevant to us."

    -Hugh MacDiarmid-