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  • Science  Homework - Mrs. Horrigan- 702

    August--Welcome back to school!!!!


    9/7-Labor Day- No School

    9/8-Quiz on Thursday- FOS-Word Search-Study terms and notes 10 minutes for quiz.

    9/9-Study and practice for quiz

    9/10-Study 10 minutes

    9/11-No Homework---Enjoy the weekend

    9/10-Scientific Method-class notes

    9/11-Scientific method-class notes

    9/12-Scientific method-coloring and review. Quiz next week.

    9/13-No homework--Friday the 13th--Study for Quiz next week on scientific method.

    9/16-Complete scientific method -Quiz on Scientific Method on Thursday

    9/17-Scientific Method-review-10 minutes.

    9/18-Scientific method-review- 10 minutes

    9/19-Project guidelines--

    9/21-Peace One Day(wear sneakers)- Special Schedule

    9/22-Scientific Method reading summary and submit on google classroom.

    9/24-Work on SM-ColorMe due tomorrow if not finished in CLASS

    9/28-Quiz on SM--on THURSDAY

    9/29-Work on lab parts and study for quiz

    9/30-Study for QUIZ

    10/1--Check your grades!!

    10/2/202--FULL MOON

    10/5-Reflection Writing on Scientific Method.

    10/6-Read Section 1 p.6-13 Cell theory and take notes on docs

    10/7-Reading Comprehension check.

    10/8Take home book and computer

    10/9 VIRTUAL DAY-----Google classroom---must folllow schedule attendance will be taken in every class.  Have a great weekend.

    10/12-No School

    10/13-Sketching in pencil on folder

    10/14-Organelles on folder

    10/15-Answering questions in sentences if required.

    10/16-Collect all models by end of class if not completed-homework!! Quiz next week!!!

    10/19-Quiz on Thursday-Make up work for the quarter.  Review and reread section 1 and 2 in the textbook. Study notes on docs.

    10/20-Review worksheet

    10/21-Review-w/s Cell organelles-both sides-class notes

    10/22-Section review posted on googleclassroom

    10/23-ROW-Root of the Week is due on google classroom No homework! Enjoy the weekend

    10/26-CompleteMicroscopeLab#2-ColorMe/Label. Box Style vocabularyp.25(key terms on chemical Compounds in cells--see sample.On google classroom.

    10/27-Read Section 3-Compounds in Cellsp25. -take notes on docs.-(Cellsp6yourlastname)

    10/28-Study 10 minutes-notes and book.

    10/29-Study 10 minutes

    10/30-Happy Halloween--Have a Spooky Night and look at the moon!

    1/2-Practice vocabulary words-10 min. Key Terms from page 25 add macromolecule.

    11/3-Questions 1-10-docs-googleclassroom

    11/4-Review w/s

    11/5-Section summary read and answer 3 questions-submit on googleclassroom

    11/6-No homework--Enjoy the weekend. 

    11/9-Quiz on Friday-reread Section3, study ALL notes practice  10min each night.

    11/10-Study 10 minutes-Quiz-Friday

    11-11-Complete review and color

    11/12-Make 6 study cards. Work on lab.

    11/13-No homework--Enjoy the weekend






    11/14-Read Section 4-p.34.

    11/15-No homework-enjoy the weekend 

    11/18-Read/Highlight-define vocabulary and write page from book.

    11/19-Study new vocabulary and class notes.

    11/20-Work on lab.

    11/21-Study 10 minutes class notes and vocabulary. Check all overdue work.

    11/22-No Homework 

    11/25-Lab-all pages completed is due tomorrow.

    11/26-Enjoy the wonderful holiday.

    12/2-No School

    12/3-Read Section on Photosynthesis p.44.

    12/4-Box style p44--all terms--left side- follow the directions.  MID-quarter-check grades.

    12/5-Read Section on Cellular Respiration.

    12/9-Googleclassroom-Answer the questions to the directions.

    12/10-Work on lab.Owed work--check grades

    12/11-Work on lab.Make 6 flash cards-word on front meaning on the back.

    12/12-Study 10 minutes.

    12/16-Review-Read and Highlight complete Readworks and enter questions 9 and 10 on google classroom.

    follow directions.

    12/17-Review photosynthesis w/s

    12/18-Completed lab is due printed prior to class.

    12/19-Study 10 minutes.

    12/20-Enjoy the Break--New Year!!!!!!

    1/2-Reread Section 2- box style key terms

    1/6-Warm winter clothes and sneakers-bring money for a treat. Test on MONDAY.

    1/7-Field Trip today---appropriate clothes and sneakers--NO SHORTS

    1/8--Study 10 minutes class notes and book. Outstanding work is due.

    1/9-Make study cards-Write the question/answer/page number where the answer is found. TEST ON MONDAY!!!

    1/13-Read Section 3--p.55 take notes as you read. See example of outline setup.

    1/14-Reflection Writing use perfect paragraph guidelines(Photosynthesis/Cell Respiration). Owed work due.

    1/15-Writing revision on photosynthesis/Cell Respiration.

    1/16-End of the 2nd Quarter.

    1/21-Study 10 minutes-Station 4-all pencil sketches with facts listed. Must be completed and readable.

    1/22-Work on Cell Division Poster-see guidelines MUST have a KEY OR LEGEND

    1/23-Work on Cell Division Poster.

    1/27-Study 10 minutes-Sections 3 and 4.

    1/28-Create a googledocs-KWLH-CHART-Complete K--What I Know about DNA?(No pronouns)

    1/29-Report Cards--sign envelope and return. Worksheet

    1/30-Read Section 4 on Cancer and take notes.

    1/31-No homework-Will Phil see his shadow?

    2/3-Quiz on Thursday-Section3/4-Read mRNA and highlight -then answer the questions.

    2/4-Reread 3 and 4, study class notes and labs.  

    2/5-Make 6 study cards-Question/Answer

    2/6-Answer the DNA questions on the KWLH chart on google.

    2/10-Cancer project-student selects the type of cancer.

    2/11-Cancer research

    2/12--Cancer research notes checked.

    2/13-Cancer slide show with practice cards--upload on googleclassroom and share via email.

    2/14-Happy Valentine's Day

    2/17-No School--

    2/18-Read Section 1 work on vocabulary words-class notes-use book-p.76

    2/19-Read Cutting Edge/Answer Q1-10

    2/20-Mid-quarter-make up word--DUE

    2/21-No homework-

    2/24- Study vocabulary-Read Section 2-p.84-check vocabulary words for correct meaning.

    2/25- Work on lab-study vocab. 10 min.

    2/26- Work on lab

    2/27- Study 10 minutes-section 1 and 2.

    3/2- Study for quiz on Wed-Vocab/Sections 1&2.

    Create 6 study cards.(Q/A/p.23)

    3/3-Practice study cards and reread sections 1 and 2.

    3/4-Read Section 3-take notes

    3/5-Work on lab.

    3/6-No homework.

    3/9- Prepare for test practice-both sides-Spongebob-rewatch video-check answers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17foW4mLBFk

    3/10-Work on lab.

    3/11-Work on lab

    3/12-Study 10 min each night for test

    3/13-No homework.--Study for TEST on March 18!!!

     3/16-3/27-school closed ---Be safe and take care  



    2/25-Complete study guide/reread sections and study class notes--Section 1,2,3,4-

    2/26-Test---Reflection Writing google


    3/14-Study 10 minutes

    3/15-No homework--Welcome warm weather

    3/18-Work on rehearsing Biome Presentation.Complete Read Section 2 p 16. completing the fill in the blank notes. Stuudy 10 minutes.

    3/19-Practice Biome presentation.Study

    3/20-Practice Biome presentation.Study

    3/21-Practice Biome presentation-Section 2 notes due tomorrow.

    3/22-No homework-

    3/25-Read Section 3 complete fill in the blank.Quiz on Friday. CHECK YOUR GRADE---

    3/26-Study for 10 minutes. Work on lab

    3/27-Study for 10 minutes-reread section 1,

    2,3. Work on lab. Make 6 cards Q/A-same

    3/28-Prepare for quiz tomorrow.

    3/29-No homework-3rd Quarter ends

    4/1-Readworks-Read/Highlight and answer questions. Restate and answer. Use conventions in the writing.

    4/2-Review 1,2,3 sections-reread.

    4/3-Study vocabulary and review sections.

    4/4-Worksheet-review practice

    4/5-No homework

    4/8-Review vocabulary and practice worksheet-study for test on Wednesday. Complete poster--follow directions

    4/9-Reread 1,2,3-Make 6 cards--Q/A-p.

    4/10-Science Test-Report Cards-sign it.

    4/11-Complete worksheet

    4/12-Bring Reading Book for PSSA--ALL students must have reading material.

    4/22-No School--skip

    4/23-Read Section 1-Living Things in the Environment.- add notes as you read.

    4/24-Vocabulary Words---box style, class notes.

    4/25-vocabulary w/s

    4/26-Prepare for Math PSSA--bring snack, book to read, charged chromebook.

    4/29-PSSA--book,snack, calculator. Study 10 min each night quiz on Thursday. Study class notes, google classroom.

    4/30-PSSA--book, snack, calculator, Study 10 minutes for quiz.

    5/1-Study for 10 min.quiz--Section1. Complete review

    5/2-Quiz today.Read Section 2.

    5/6-Complete section 2 reading comprehension-study section 1 and 2 10 min.

    5/7-Lab research completed.

    5/8-Review and study 10 minutes.w/s.

    5/9-Study Section 1 and Section 2.

    5/13-Complete lab-Use checklist for graph(parts).Quiz on Thursday.

    5/14-Work on lab- data.

    5/15-Study for quiz.Make 6 study cards.

    5/16-Quiz today--Sections 1 and 2.

    5/20-Read Section 3 p.24

    5/21-Review Sections 1,2,and 3. Study

    ten minutes.

    5/22-Field Trip.

    5/23-1/2 Day---dismissal at 11:30AM

    5/24--No School

    5/20-Read Section 3 p.24

    5/21-Review Sections 1,2,and 3. Study

    ten minutes.

    5/22-Field Trip.

    5/23-1/2 Day---dismissal at 11:30AM

    5/24--No School

    5/20-Read Section 3 p.24

    5/21-Review Sections 1,2,and 3. Study

    ten minutes.

    5/22-Field Trip.

    5/23-1/2 Day---dismissal at 11:30AM

    5/24--No School

    5/20-Read Section 3 p.24

    5/21-Review Sections 1,2,and 3. Study

    ten minutes.

    5/22-Field Trip.

    5/23-1/2 Day---dismissal at 11:30AM

    5/24--No School

    5/20-Read Section 3 p.24

    5/21-Review Sections 1,2,and 3. Study ten minutes.

    5/22-Field Trip.

    5/23-1/2 Day---dismissal at 11:30AM

    5/24--No School--Happy Holiday



     Mrs. Ponter - Room 706 - Math Homework:

    Please log onto the Math Google Classroom for all Daily Learning Activities and Worksheets. Under "Classroom", click "Start Here."

    For resources to help with homework, please visit "www.bigideasmath.com" to see examples.

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    Language Arts -Mrs. Rollman


    • Monday- Finish your journal from class today, if needed! Please "turn in" to our Google Classroom.

    • Tuesday- no homework

    • Wednesday- No homework

    • Thursday- Bring a D.I.R.T book to class tomorrow

    • Friday- Have a great weekend.