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  • Science  Homework - Mrs. Horrigan- 702

    August--Welcome back to school

    8/23- Bring all papers completed and signed to school.  Science notebook(3 metal rings), five dividers, a three ring pencil case with pencils, highlighter, and erasers. Must have an independent book to read at all times.  BOOK MUST BE COVERED

    8/27-Fields of Science-study cards

    8/28-Study terms 10 minutes.

    8/29-Quiz next week on fields of science

    8/30-No homework--Study for quiz on Wednesday.

    9/2-NO SCHOOL

    9/3-Labor Day- No School

    9/4-Word Search-Study terms and notes 10 minutes for quiz.

    9/5-Scientific Method--study and practice

    9/6-Scientific method--

    9/10-Scientific Method-one side of w/s

    9/11-Lab Safety-answers in sentences. Complete lab/print it with rubric.

    9/12-Study scientific method-10 minutes

    9/13-Study 10 minutes.

    9/17-Study for quiz on scientific method/lab safety(Wednesday)

    9/18-study guide crossword practice--Study class notes and lab safety.

    9/19-Perfect Paragraph--rough draft(follow directions in reflection writing.

    9/20-Wear sneakers-Peace One Day(tomorrow)

    9/24-Study 10 minutes and review scientific

    method crossword(9 words).

    9/25-Work on lab and study 10 min.

    9/2 -Mid-quarter for 1st quarter.

    9/27-Project-Fields of Science

    9/28-No homework

    9/24-Study 10 minutes and review scientific method crossword(9 words). REACTION LAB OVERDUE

    9/25-Work on lab and study 10 min.

    9/2 -Mid-quarter for 1st quarter.

    9/27-Project-Fields of Science

    9/28-No homework

    10/1-Periods---4,5,Six-Project submitted on google classroom.Words-Know completed----BOOKS MUST BE COVERED

    10/2-Cell-Readworks-Answer all questions in sentences.

    10/3-Cell worksheets

    10/4-Cell worksheets

    10/5-No homework-early dismissal.

    10/8-No School

    10/9-Reread Section 1-Study 10 minutes. Quiz-Friday

    10/10-Read Section 2- Study 10 minutes

    10/11-Study for quiz (FRI) on organelles and cell theory

    10/12-NO HOMEWORK!!!!

    10/15-Work on lab-read/highlight taking notes.

    10/16-Work on lab

    10/17-Read Section 3-Use reading comprehension notes-complete as you read.

    10/18-Review worksheet-class notes

    10/19-Make up work for the quarter.  

    10/22-Quiz on Thursday--Study notes and sections 1,2,3.Google classroom assignment. Answer lab questions.

    10/23-Reflection-rate yourself.Explain why on the back in sentences. 

    10/24-Make 6 study cards-Question/Answer. page number.

    10/25-Quiz--today. No homework.

    10/26-No homework.

    10/29-Work on chemical compounds poster see checklist. 

    10/30-Readworks--read and highlight and answer the questions with restate the prompt.

    10/31-No Homework

    11/1--Read Section 4 --- The Cell and the Environment

    11/5--Reread Section 4--Read and highlight summary answer questions 1-9 using proper writing.  Test on Friday--Study sections 1,2,3, and 4. Unit Test

    11/6-Complete study quide

    11/7--Make study cards--question/answer/page number on the SAME SIDE

    11/8--Study for TEST tomorrow

    11/9 --Unit test --TODAY   

    11/12-Reflection writing---"The Cell"--Use the perfect paragraph writing guidelines in reflection section of the notebook.Write a perfect paragraph--final copy.

    11/13-Read Section-Photosynthesis-take notes--pages 44-48.

    11/14-Reading Comprehension worksheet to check reading.

    11/15-Study 10 minutes class notes on photosynthesis and vocabulary 10 minutes.

    11/16-No homework.  SEED PROJECT----

    11/26-No School-

    11/27-Review photosynthesis-w/s--Quiz-Friday

    11/28-Study 10 minutes-Make 6 study cards- Question/Answer/page number. 

    11/29-Study for Quiz on Photosynthesis

    11/30-Check HAC-mid-quarter is 12/5. Seed Project--DUE 12/13

    12/3-Reading Section 2-Cellular Respiration and check notes

    12/4-Study class notes and ciomplete reading comprehension. Mid-Quarter-check grade.

    12/5-Read Section 3-and complete organizer.

    12/6-Study and complete seed project.

    12/7-Seed Project with checklist DUE!!!!!

    12/10-Class Cell Division Project

    12/11-Cell Division Project

    12/12--Cell Division Project

    12/17-Reading Section 4-Cancer and take notes on notebook paper.

    12/18-Study class notes and reading comprehension.

    12/19-Reread Section 4-and complete  cancer organizer. Print cancer article

    12/20-Study and complete cancer project.


    1/2-Work on Cancer Project Due Friday!!!

    1/3--Work on Cancer project--see checklist/practice---Practice presentation to the guidelines

    1/4--No homework--

    1/7-Study for Unit Science Test on Thursday. Complete w/s both sides-class notes

    1/8-Farm Show---wear sneakers or comfortable shoes to walk, bring lunch or money to buy.

    1/9-Study for TEST!!

    1/10-Reflection writing-googleclassroom

    1/11--No homework--

    1/14-Complete vocabulary (1-10) use the textbook.p.74-81

    1/15-Complete vocabulary(11-20). Use textbook. Any owed work--

    1/16-End of 2nd Quarter. Read Section 1--Mendel's Work- take notes-Use headings.

    1/17-Complete comprehension check.

    1/18-No homework--

    1/21----No School

    1/22-Hand me down Genes-w/s.(read and highlight or underline) Quiz on Friday-study class notes and book.

    1/23-Study for quiz--study notes and book.

    1/24-Complete lab if not finished--use checklist. Study 10 minutes.

    1/28-Study vocabulary 10 minutes in class notes

    1/29-Complete lab and Read page 89-Codominance taking notes.

    1/30-Read Section 3 -set up and take notes.

    1/31-Work on lab.

    2/1-No homework--

    2/4-Read p89.-what is codominance? Be able to answer this question and give an example.

    2/5-Complete lab and have all pages printed.

    2/6-Read Section 3 -set up and take notes.

    2/7-Work on lab.

    2/11-Study for quiz-Wednesday-Section 1 and section 2. Reread sections.Study class notes and practice punnett squares.

    2/12-Make 6 study cards-Q-A same side

    2/13-Quiz today. Work on lab

    2/14-lab questions-Happy Valentine's Day

    2/15-No homework--

    2/18-Complete lab to the directions.

    2/19-Complete reading comprehension

    2/20-Work on new vocabulary words

    2/21-Check root of the week to be collected.

    2/22-No homework--



     Mrs. Ponter - Room 706 - Math Homework:

    For resources to help with homework, please visit "www.bigideasmath.com"

    username - 7parents002   password - Ha$dhawks1

    Monday, February 18, 2019 - 6.1 Practice Worksheet

    Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 6.1 - 6.2 Check for Understanding

    Wednesday, February 20, 2019 -  6.3 Practice Worksheet

    Thursday, February 21, 2019 - 6.3 Practice A Worksheet

    Friday, February 22, 2019 -  6.3 Check for Understanding Worksheet and work on IXL topics.




    Social Studies - Mr. Phillips

        GOOGLE CLASSROOM      <---- Click on Link  (site code is:  5oz9u0)


     From Monday, February 18th to Friday, February 22nd

    We will be working on our Embassy Project for the Washington DC fieldtrip.  Most of this will take place within the classroom, however, students should be working on these items during FLEX and at home:

    • Title of Poster
    • Completing the Fact Sheet (a lot of work)
    • Researching the five facts for their country
    • Researching and "collecting" five photos 
    • Preparing for their oral presentation, 2 to 3 minutes

    The poster is due by Monday, February 25th.  Oral presentations start that day.

    This is the largest project of the school year and will be worth 300 points.



    Language Arts -Mrs. Rollman


    • Monday- study for your test

    • Tuesday- study for your test

    • Wednesday- "The Giver" Test

    • Thursday- Bring a D.I.R.T book to class tomorrow

    • Friday- Have a great weekend

                                                                   *******Utopia project - Due Tuesday February 19th!!!!*******