2018 - 2019 school term

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            Mr. Krammes - Science

            Mr. Krim - Math

            Mrs. Skipper - Language Arts

            Mr. Hoffman - World Cultures 

            Mrs. Gruber - Learning Support



    *If you click below on the teacher's names it will take you directly to their personal web page.

    * Note for Mr. Krammes - students should visit the science Google Classroom for print-outs of assignments 



    Science- Mr. Krammes

    February 18th - 22nd:

    Mon:  Dichotomous Key Labs - Pamishans, Martians, PA Habitats

    Tues: Dichotomous Key Lab - Water Biomes

    Wed: Notes - Taxonomy; Vertebrate Lab

    Thur: Quiz - Dichotomous Keys ; Kingdom Lab

    Fri: Finish Kingdom Lab; Washington D.C. Kick-off



    Math: - Mr. Krim   Feb 18- Feb 22

    (All students will need a 1 or 1.5 in 3 ring binder and dividers.  Binder sections should be Workbook, Notes, Homework, and Quizzes as explained in course outline.)


    Period 2 and 5

    Mon: 5.6 Practice

    Tues:  5.4-5.6 Quiz Review

    Weds: 5.4-5.6 Quiz



    *T.1-T.7 on IXL should be mastered at your own pace as discussed in class.  Keep your checklist updated.  DUE FRIDAY FEBRUARY 8th!  (NOW PAST DUE!  -2pts every day late.)


    Period 4

    Mon: 5.3 Practice B if not finished in class

    Tues: 5.1-5.3 Review for Quiz

    Weds: 5.1-5.3 Quiz




    Period 6

    Mon: No HW






    Language Arts - Mrs. Skipper


    Social Studies -please visit Mr. Hoffman's webpage








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