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  • Welcome to Literature!


    What is literature? That’s a good question!

    The term generally identifies a collection of written works that are fiction and non-fiction, poetry and drama.  

    Our class will include four main components: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and we will sample a variety of short stories, poetry and drama from different genres and authors.

    You will be evaluated through quizzes and tests, writing assignments, and presentations with varying point values. Grades for each marking period will be determined by dividing the total number of points accumulated by the total number of points possible. I recommend that you access the district's Home Access Center (HAC) regularly to track your progress. Please also check Google Classroom and your HAK12 email regularly for announcements, assignments and testing dates.

    You will need a 1 inch binder with three rings, your agenda, a pencil, and a charged Chrome Book for every class, and we will meet every other day according to your schedule.

    I am thrilled to provide you with opportunities and experiences that will enrich your core requirements and look forward to having you in class!


    Mrs. Lisa Scicchitano

    (610) 562-3990 extension 3(701)