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  • Hello and Welcome to the Hamburg Area Middle School 2020-21 school year:


    *Contact Information:, Phone: 610-562-2241 ext.3200


    Wellness Syllabus:

    Hello and welcome to an exciting new year with even more changes to our Wellness program.      Again, Let’s start off by changing our perception of Gym class.  Wellness allows students to thrive and succeed through achieving their personal best as long as they have the right mindset and want to achieve great things.  It’s not dodgeball, it’s not “roll out the ball”, and it’s not all about games and keeping score.  Wellness is about empowerment, education, preparation for lifelong health, setting and reaching goals, and becoming the best version of ourselves.

    I will be your child’s teacher for both the activity and classroom part of this course.  We will rotate between gym time and classroom time throughout the year.  Since this class is still every other day, we are scheduled to have about 90 classes together.  Most of our time will be in the gym doing activities, but we will not overlook the classroom part as well.  We will learn valuable skills for life in both the gym and the classroom.

               My main goal is to get and keep your child active throughout his or her entire life.  It’s more than just about getting a good grade, it’s about feeling good and staying healthy throughout one’s whole life to achieve their personal best.  I will work on teaching different concepts that will lead students down a path for success, empower them, encourage a healthy lifestyle and provide fun workouts that promote improvement and success.  Students should also remember to stay active at home as much as they can.

    Grading:  The true test is what you do with your life, but as for a numerical grade, it goes as follows:

    -classroom part of the course:  Everything is calculated into total points.  Whether it’s homework, project, classwork, etc. they will all have different point values.  The more point value something has, the more important it is.  However, the best advice is just to do everything in class with outstanding quality and effort and you will be sure to get a good grade.  What we will cover in class will be posted on the google classroom.

    -Activity part of the class:  Everything is calculated into total points.  Students will receive a 5 point daily grade, and then fitness grades that will vary in point total.  The fitness grade is not based on a standard like in the past.  (Example- if you run a 7 minute mile you get a 100%, and if you run a 10 minute mile you get an 80%).  That’s simply not fair.  We are all built different and have various athletic levels, so therefore, I will base this grade on improvement and effort.  Improvement is something that everyone can work on to reach one’s own full potential.  It’s about working hard and showing growth in one’s fitness level.  Be the best you can be, do your best and forget the rest!

    *As for the 5 point daily grade, students will get 1 point for each of the following categories:

    Behavior, Effort, Applying learned concepts, Sportsmanship, and To be in complete uniform. (B.E.A.S.T.)

    *Please note that there will be zero tolerance for nonsense during class.  If you don’t follow the rules and show respect, you will lose points.  Also remember, a 5 out of 5 is showing excellence, not just showing up.

    Uniforms:  All students must have a Hamburg Area Middle School uniform.  If they were here last year, they probably already have it.  If not, or you need a new one, they are available for a total cost of $14.  That is $8 for the shorts and $6 for the shirt.  Cash or checks are accepted.  If paying by a check, make it payable to:  Hamburg Area Middle School Store. Or (HAMS Store) If you have a concern about payment, please don’t hesitate to email me at  We can always work something out.  I will write the students name on their shorts and shirts in case they are left behind.  Please try to wash the uniform as needed.   The shorts are black (mesh) and have a Hamburg logo, while the shirt is red with our logo on it as well

    Lockers:  Students will be given a small locker in the locker room.  The small locker can keep their stuff safe throughout the entire school year.  They will be given a rental combination lock.  They should not share their combination with anyone, that’s how things get stolen.  Students will give the lock back at the end of the year.  If by some chance they lose the lock or damage it on purpose, then they would pay for a new lock which will cost $6.

    Absence for gym class:  If you are absent from class due to an illness or various other reasons, you should make up material that you missed if need be.  Please check with me for missed work, whether that is physical or written.

    Jewelry:  Plain and simple, there shouldn’t be any except medical ID bracelets or necklaces.  Stud earrings are fine, Fitbits, or anything related to fitness is also okay, however if it gets broken during class, it’s your own fault.  If you have a necklace or watch, be sure to lock it up…Trust no one!

    Medical Notes:  If you have a medical note or excuse to be out of Wellness class, be sure to keep it updated.  If it says no physical activity, that means no physical activity.  Be sure to follow doctor’s orders.  A note from a parent does not excuse you from class but modifications can be made as long as this is not a common occurrence.  Students will still change for class.

    Extra Credit:  There is none!  Simple as that.  Do the right things in class and get your work done.

    Miscellaneous:  There should be no gum or candy during the activity part of class.  If there are any issues with bullying or disrespect, report it to me immediately, don’t wait.  Always have your agenda with you and stay positive.