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  • Science  Homework - Mrs. Horrigan- 702

    August--Welcome back to school

    8/23- Bring all papers completed and signed to school.  Science notebook(3 metal rings), five dividers, a three ring pencil case with pencils, highlighter, and erasers. Must have an independent book to read at all times.  BOOK MUST BE COVERED

    8/27-Fields of Science-study cards

    8/28-Study terms 10 minutes.

    8/29-Quiz next week on fields of science

    8/30-No homework--Study for quiz on Wednesday.

    9/2-NO SCHOOL

    9/3-Labor Day- No School

    9/4-Word Search-Study terms and notes 10 minutes for quiz.

    9/5-Scientific Method--study and practice

    9/6-Scientific method--

    9/10-Scientific Method-one side of w/s

    9/11-Lab Safety-answers in sentences. Complete lab/print it with rubric.

    9/12-Study scientific method-10 minutes

    9/13-Study 10 minutes.

    9/17-Study for quiz on scientific method/lab safety(Wednesday)

    9/18-study guide crossword practice--Study class notes and lab safety.

    9/19-Perfect Paragraph--rough draft(follow directions in reflection writing.

    9/20-Wear sneakers-Peace One Day(tomorrow)

    9/24-Study 10 minutes and review scientific

    method crossword(9 words).

    9/25-Work on lab and study 10 min.

    9/2 -Mid-quarter for 1st quarter.

    9/27-Project-Fields of Science

    9/28-No homework

    9/24-Study 10 minutes and review scientific method crossword(9 words). REACTION LAB OVERDUE

    9/25-Work on lab and study 10 min.

    9/2 -Mid-quarter for 1st quarter.

    9/27-Project-Fields of Science

    9/28-No homework

    10/1-Periods---4,5,Six-Project submitted on google classroom.Words-Know completed----BOOKS MUST BE COVERED

    10/2-Cell-Readworks-Answer all questions in sentences.

    10/3-Cell worksheets

    10/4-Cell worksheets

    10/5-No homework-early dismissal.

    10/8-No School

    10/9-Reread Section 1-Study 10 minutes. Quiz-Friday

    10/10-Read Section 2- Study 10 minutes

    10/11-Study for quiz (FRI) on organelles and cell theory

    10/12-NO HOMEWORK!!!!

    10/15-Work on lab-read/highlight taking notes.

    10/16-Work on lab

    10/17-Read Section 3-Use reading comprehension notes-complete as you read.

    10/18-Review worksheet-class notes

    10/19-Make up work for the quarter.  

    10/22-Quiz on Thursday--Study notes and sections 1,2,3.Google classroom assignment. Answer lab questions.

    10/23-Reflection-rate yourself.Explain why on the back in sentences. 

    10/24-Make 6 study cards-Question/Answer. page number.

    10/25-Quiz--today. No homework.

    10/26-No homework.

    10/29-Work on chemical compounds poster see checklist. 

    10/30-Readworks--read and highlight and answer the questions with restate the prompt.

    10/31-No Homework

    11/1--Read Section 4 --- The Cell and the Environment

    11/5--Reread Section 4--Read and highlight summary answer questions 1-9 using proper writing.  Test on Friday--Study sections 1,2,3, and 4. Unit Test

    11/6-Complete study quide

    11/7--Make study cards--question/answer/page number on the SAME SIDE

    11/8--Study for TEST tomorrow

    11/9 --Unit test --TODAY   

    11/12-Reflection writing---"The Cell"--Use the perfect paragraph writing guidelines in reflection section of the notebook.Write a perfect paragraph--final copy.

    11/13-Read Section-Photosynthesis-take notes--pages 44-48.

    11/14-Reading Comprehension worksheet to check reading.

    11/15-Study 10 minutes class notes on photosynthesis and vocabulary 10 minutes.

    11/16-No homework.  SEED PROJECT----

    11/26-No School-

    11/27-Review photosynthesis-w/s--Quiz-Friday

    11/28-Study 10 minutes-Make 6 study cards- Question/Answer/page number. 

    11/29-Study for Quiz on Photosynthesis

    11/30-Check HAC-mid-quarter is 12/5. Seed Project--DUE 12/13

    12/3-Reading Section 2-Cellular Respiration and check notes

    12/4-Study class notes and ciomplete reading comprehension. Mid-Quarter-check grade.

    12/5-Read Section 3-and complete organizer.

    12/6-Study and complete seed project.

    12/7-Seed Project with checklist DUE!!!!!

    12/10-Class Cell Division Project

    12/11-Cell Division Project

    12/12--Cell Division Project

    12/17-Reading Section 4-Cancer and take notes on notebook paper.

    12/18-Study class notes and reading comprehension.

    12/19-Reread Section 4-and complete  cancer organizer. Print cancer article

    12/20-Study and complete cancer project.


    1/2-Work on Cancer Project Due Friday!!!

    1/3--Work on Cancer project--see checklist/practice---Practice presentation to the guidelines

    1/4--No homework--

    1/7-Study for Unit Science Test on Thursday. Complete w/s both sides-class notes

    1/8-Farm Show---wear sneakers or comfortable shoes to walk, bring lunch or money to buy.

    1/9-Study for TEST!!

    1/10-Reflection writing-googleclassroom

    1/11--No homework--

    1/14-Complete vocabulary (1-10) use the textbook.p.74-81

    1/15-Complete vocabulary(11-20). Use textbook. Any owed work--

    1/16-End of 2nd Quarter. Read Section 1--Mendel's Work- take notes-Use headings.

    1/17-Complete comprehension check.

    1/18-No homework--

    1/21----No School

    1/22-Hand me down Genes-w/s.(read and highlight or underline) Quiz on Friday-study class notes and book.

    1/23-Study for quiz--study notes and book.

    1/24-Complete lab if not finished--use checklist. Study 10 minutes.

    1/28-Study vocabulary 10 minutes in class notes

    1/29-Complete lab and Read page 89-Codominance taking notes.

    1/30-Read Section 3 -set up and take notes.

    1/31-Work on lab.

    2/1-No homework--

    2/4-Read p89.-what is codominance? Be able to answer this question and give an example.

    2/5-Complete lab and have all pages printed.

    2/6-Read Section 3 -set up and take notes.

    2/7-Work on lab.

    2/11-Study for quiz-Wednesday-Section 1 and section 2. Reread sections.Study class notes and practice punnett squares.

    2/12-Make 6 study cards-Q-A same side

    2/13-Quiz today. Work on lab

    2/14-lab questions-Happy Valentine's Day

    2/15-No homework--

    2/18-Complete lab to the directions.

    2/19-Complete reading comprehension

    2/20-Work on new vocabulary words

    2/21-Check root of the week to be collected.

    2/22-No homework--

    2/25-Complete study guide/reread sections and study class notes--Section 1,2,3,4-

    2/26-Test---Reflection Writing google

    2/27-Classification--write notes.


    3/1-No homework--Welcome March winds!!!

     3/3-3/8---------WASHINGTON DC CLASS PROJECT 

    3/11-Complete-Wings on Things Lab-all parts--both sides

    3/12-Reading Section 1--What is Life p.

    Practice Vocabulary-class notes

    3/13--Make a pie tonight----

    3/14-Study 10 minutes

    3/15-No homework--Welcome warm weather

    3/18-Work on rehearsing Biome Presentation.Complete Read Section 2 p 16. completing the fill in the blank notes. Stuudy 10 minutes.

    3/19-Practice Biome presentation.Study

    3/20-Practice Biome presentation.Study

    3/21-Practice Biome presentation-Section 2 notes due tomorrow.

    3/22-No homework-

    3/25-Read Section 3 complete fill in the blank.Quiz on Friday. CHECK YOUR GRADE---

    3/26-Study for 10 minutes. Work on lab

    3/27-Study for 10 minutes-reread section 1,

    2,3. Work on lab. Make 6 cards Q/A-same

    3/28-Prepare for quiz tomorrow.

    3/29-No homework-3rd Quarter ends

    4/1-Readworks-Read/Highlight and answer questions. Restate and answer. Use conventions in the writing.

    4/2-Review 1,2,3 sections-reread.

    4/3-Study vocabulary and review sections.

    4/4-Worksheet-review practice

    4/5-No homework

    4/8-Review vocabulary and practice worksheet-study for test on Wednesday. Complete poster--follow directions

    4/9-Reread 1,2,3-Make 6 cards--Q/A-p.

    4/10-Science Test-Report Cards-sign it.

    4/11-Complete worksheet

    4/12-Bring Reading Book for PSSA--ALL students must have reading material.

    4/22-No School--skip

    4/23-Read Section 1-Living Things in the Environment.- add notes as you read.

    4/24-Vocabulary Words---box style, class notes.

    4/25-vocabulary w/s

    4/26-Prepare for Math PSSA--bring snack, book to read, charged chromebook.

    4/29-PSSA--book,snack, calculator. Study 10 min each night quiz on Thursday. Study class notes, google classroom.

    4/30-PSSA--book, snack, calculator, Study 10 minutes for quiz.

    5/1-Study for 10 min.quiz--Section1. Complete review

    5/2-Quiz today.Read Section 2.

    5/6-Complete section 2 reading comprehension-study section 1 and 2 10 min.

    5/7-Lab research completed.

    5/8-Review and study 10 minutes.w/s.

    5/9-Study Section 1 and Section 2.

    5/13-Complete lab-Use checklist for graph(parts).Quiz on Thursday.

    5/14-Work on lab- data.

    5/15-Study for quiz.Make 6 study cards.

    5/16-Quiz today--Sections 1 and 2.

    5/20-Read Section 3 p.24

    5/21-Review Sections 1,2,and 3. Study

    ten minutes.

    5/22-Field Trip.

    5/23-1/2 Day---dismissal at 11:30AM

    5/24--No School

    5/20-Read Section 3 p.24

    5/21-Review Sections 1,2,and 3. Study

    ten minutes.

    5/22-Field Trip.

    5/23-1/2 Day---dismissal at 11:30AM

    5/24--No School

    5/20-Read Section 3 p.24

    5/21-Review Sections 1,2,and 3. Study

    ten minutes.

    5/22-Field Trip.

    5/23-1/2 Day---dismissal at 11:30AM

    5/24--No School

    5/20-Read Section 3 p.24

    5/21-Review Sections 1,2,and 3. Study

    ten minutes.

    5/22-Field Trip.

    5/23-1/2 Day---dismissal at 11:30AM

    5/24--No School

    5/20-Read Section 3 p.24

    5/21-Review Sections 1,2,and 3. Study ten minutes.

    5/22-Field Trip.

    5/23-1/2 Day---dismissal at 11:30AM

    5/24--No School--Happy Holiday



     Mrs. Ponter - Room 706 - Math Homework:

    For resources to help with homework, please visit "www.bigideasmath.com"

    username - 7parents002   password - Ha$dhawks1

    Monday, May 27, 2019 - Happy Memorial Day!

    Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - Building and Solving Equations Worksheet; Optional - Take the Integer Operations Re-Quiz (Log on information may be found on the Math Google Classroom.)

    Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - Solving Literal Equations Worksheet

    Thursday, May 30, 2019 - Graphing Equations Worksheet

    Friday, May 31, 2019 -  Graphing Equations Project







    Social Studies - Mr. Phillips


    HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!  Get outside and do something fun!!






    Language Arts -Mrs. Rollman


    • Monday- study for your test

    • Tuesday- study for your test

    • Wednesday- "The Giver" Test

    • Thursday- Bring a D.I.R.T book to class tomorrow

    • Friday- Have a great weekend

                                                                   *******Utopia project - Due Tuesday February 19th!!!!*******