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  • Rubric for Daily grading


    Daily PE Grade Rubric:






    To be dressed


    Exceeds expectations, may go out of one’s way to help others, doesn’t talk out of turn, listens, shows respect, and is never a problem during class

    Goes above and beyond, gives full effort in all aspect of class, shows grit and determination, doing their best

    Never complains, always willing to try new games and activities, Body language is positive

    Doesn’t care about winning or losing, treats everyone with respect, encourages others, plays fair, includes all students

    Full uniform, ready to go (shirt, shorts, socks, shoes)


    Listens, shows respect, follows rules, may show leadership at times

    Does a good job most of the time

    Does a good job for the majority of the class

    Does a good job but doesn’t go above and beyond, may not support teammates



    Listens, shows respect most of the time but may have be reminded back on-task once

    Does show some effort but could be more engaged

    Shows interest in some of the class but not most

    May talk about the score and complain about others,  cheating



    Did not show respect or follow rules today, had to be reminded of the rules more than once

    Did not show any effort today

    Showed no interest and may have complained or questioned “why”

    Did not show any sportsmanship today

    Missing any part of the uniform

                                                    B                                 E                            A                              S                         T