• -          Detention may be assigned at the discretion of the instructional staff to students who exhibit unacceptable behavior.

    -         Each student assigned detention will be given a written notice listing the reason for detention and the date detention is to be served.

    -         The parent/guardian is to sign the detention form only to indicate that he/she is aware of the detention being assigned.

    -         The detention form is to be returned to the office clerk or team disciplinarian the next school day.

    -         Students are expected to bring school work for the entire detention period.

    -         Insubordination or misbehavior of any kind will result in additional detentions and/or suspension.

    -         Detentions are usually held on Thursdays from 2:50 PM until 3:50 PM.

    -         Transportation from detention is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

    -         Failure to serve the detention on the date assigned will result in lunch detention until the missed detention is served.