Excuse Cards

  • Reporting Child’s Absence 

    Parents are to call 610-562-2241 ext. 1802 before 8:30 AM to report 
    their child’s absence. The parent/guardian may be contacted if the 
    school does not hear from them concerning their child’s absence. 
    Although a telephone call has been made, a written excuse is still 


    A student who has been absent from school one-half day or more will, 
    after his/her return, obtain an excuse card and have it signed by his/her 
    parent or guardian stating:
    1. The date or dates of absence
    2. The student’s name and homeroom
    3. The reason for absence

    The following are reasonable causes for absence from school (Board 
    Policy 204):

    *Illness                           *Quarantine
    *Medical Appt.                 *Family Emergency
    *Impassable Roads          *Required Court
    *Religious Holiday                Appearance
      or Instruction                 *Approved Educ.
    *Recovery from injury Trip

    The excuse card is to be turned into the office within three days of the 
    absence in order to be recorded as excused. 

    Excuse cards can be found in the office, homeroom teacher, or if you click on the link below.

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