Educational Absences

  • Educational Absences

    Students absent from school due to a planned trip must have an 
    educational absence form approved by the principal in order to have 
    those days marked as “excused.” No educational absences will be 
    granted during PSSA testing periods or during the first/last ten days of 
    school. The educational absence form must be completed properly and 
    returned to the school office five days prior to the start of the 
    educational leave. Forms are available in the Middle School office and 
    on the link below.

    Assignments and tests are to be completed after returning to school 
    within a time period equal to the length of the absence.

    The regulations about making up work shall apply whether the absence 
    was for illness, for representing school in athletics or music, for 
    participation in a lyceum program or for an educational absence. 

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