Grading Policies

  • Grading Philosophy
    In Language Arts, students will be graded based on total number of points earned divided by the total number of points possible.  Depending on the amount of assignments, total points possible will vary from grading period to grading period.  Assessments are varied to best suit all types of learners.  Possible assessment types include:

    1. Tests

    • announced in advance
    • vary in points depending on topic and type
    2. Quizzes
    • announced or unannounced
    • vary in points
    3. Projects
    • include posters, brochures, performances, and other types of authentic assessments
    • graded using a rubric
    4. Narrative/Argumentative/Informational Writing
    • vary in points depending on length requirement and prompt
    • include a rubric
    • students may also be asked to write informal responses that are also graded
    In addition to these assessments, students will occasionally be assessed using "quick-checks" or exit tickets that ensure student understanding before leaving the classroom. These quick-checks are typically worth no more than 5-10 points.

    Timely Completion of Assignments
    It is the responsibility of the student to complete assignments in a timely fashion. Decisions regarding submission of late assignments will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  In general, students are expected to turn in all assignments on the date they are due.

    Daily Requirements for Language Arts


    SSR books should be reading-level appropriate. For example, a student reading at an 7th grade level should have a book that corresponds.  A homework board is located in the front of the classroom, and it is the individual student's responsibility to copy assignments into their agenda.