Classroom News

  • “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

                           John Muir (1838-1913)                  

    Welcome to the fascinating and constantly changing world of Earth Science. We will be exploring the Earth and universe this year, from the inside out - literally. This course is concerned with Earth’s materials, changes of the surface and interior, and the forces that cause these changes.  The changes are interpreted within the context of plate tectonics, the unifying scientific principle of all of the physical Earth Sciences.  Earth Science also examines the interaction between Earth’s weather and climate. This unit (Metorology/Climatology) will include student presentations on Natural Disasters. Lastly, a major division of Earth Science is astronomy, the study of our solar system, galaxies, the universe, and deep time.


    1) 3-RING BINDER - It is recommended that each student purchases a binder (preferably 2") to use exclusively for this science course. This course stresses long-range assignments and a binder will facilitate good organization - and ultimately, higher achievement.

    2) CALCULATOR (OPTIONAL) - Science and mathematics are very closely intertwined and math is an important element in this course. It is helpful for students to have a calculator that they feel comfortable with. If possible, please purchase a basic scientific calculator that your child may keep with them here at school.  [NOTE: There is a classroom set of very basic calculators for student use - in the event that they are needed]