Homework and Grading Policy

  • Dear parents and guardians,


    I am pleased to have your child this year in my art class at Hamburg Area Middle School. I’d like to let you know how students are graded in my art class. Students will receive a number grade at the end of the quarter. Many students are worried that they will do poorly in my class because they “do not have talent”, or "can't even draw a stick figure". If a student consistently tries their best and gets all assignments completed, they will be successful in art.  In my mind, it is almost impossible to fail art. Effort is very important in art class. We meet for only 45 days. In order to get our work completed, effort is very necessary. It also is needed for students to do their best.


    Critiques- Besides learning how to make art, we also need to learn how to view and talk about art. This can include art history, culture, and art criticism, as well as studio techniques. This is important because we need to be able to communicate our ideas, give or receive criticism, and accept other points of view. Occasionally we will verbally discuss the projects done in class or famous artwork. Sometimes I will give students critique sheets on which they will grade themselves, or their peers, according the specific requirements for that particular project. This could result in participation points or a scored rubric for the critique sheets.


    Studio Grade- I will give one grade to each student during the quarter which reflects effort, following clean up procedures, participation in all activities, and classroom performance. This grade is out of 100 points. Behavior is not graded, but negative behavior will have an impact on work completed, so I will remind students to stay focused on the task at hand. Most students will have 100 points for the entire quarter. Any grade below 95 often reflects excessive talking, lack of focus, or poor use of work time.


    Projects- Each project is graded with a rubric. The number of points possible can vary depending on the number of assessed areas. A student could do poorly on one objective, but still get a successful grade on a project. Additional work can always be done to improve the grade.


    Tests - I almost never give art tests. If I do, the students will receive handouts including all covered information prior to the test to allow the opportunity to study the material.


    Homework- Students do not have homework in art. I may offer suggestions to students to prepare them for a lesson or project. This may be a drawing that needs to be done, completing a handout, or bringing in an item for class. Students are not graded on completion, but failure to do these things may have an effect on the studio grade and the results of the assignment.


    Missed Work- Students may get passes to come to the art room during flex periods. Passes must be obtained during class the day before flex period. I can also remain after school for students who walk home, or for students who would like to use the late bus or arrange parent pick up. It is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed or incomplete work. What is turned in on the due date is what I grade. The student may come in as often as needed to complete it and the grade can be improved. I do not take off additional points for it being late. This means that the students have until the end of the quarter to complete all assignments. Waiting until the last days of the quarter is not a good idea.


    What can you do to help me?


    *Encourage your child to do art. Practice does not make perfect, but it sure makes it better.

    *Give your child an old shirt to wear in class in case of paint spills or other messes. (I have some smocks available.)

    *Come to see art shows in the district to see the talent our students possess.


    I look forward to another great year. Please feel free to contact me for any reason.





    Mrs. Teisha L. Madden, Art Teacher

     Hamburg Area Middle School