Grading policy

  • Grading policy is as follows:

    1.  Homework:

    • Each homework assignment is given a value of 2 points.  If the assignment is complete and handed in on the day it is due, then 2 points will be given.
    • If the assignment is more than half complete but not fully completed and is handed in on the day it is due, then 1 point will be given.
    • If less than half is complete or no homework is handed in on the day it is due, then a 0 will be given.
    • If the student is not in class either on the day the homework was assigned or collected, then the points will be left blank.  That assignment must be made up by mid-quarter, if this occurs in the first half of the quarter or the end of the quarter, if this occurs after mid-quarter.  Otherwise, a zero will be given for the assignment.

    2.  Quizzes/Tests

    • Quizzes and tests will be given after each unit.  At least 2 days notice will be given before a test or quiz and 1 study/review day in class will occur.

    3.  Calculating grades

    • Grades are calculated using total points.  I simply add up the points that the student earned throughout the quarter and divide it by the total possible points.