• Frequently Asked Questions

    • What should I do if I have a problem with my laptop?

      If you are in a virtual learning situation it is recommended to follow the Support Ticket page.
      If you are not in a virtual learning situation, you can submit a ticket via the link above, however, in this case it is recommended to stop in during your student's buildings technology help time.
      If your student's building does not have a technology help time, please contact your student's teacher to alert the Technology Department and bring the device to school with you.

      Tech Help Schedule (2021-2020 School Year)

      High School:
        Homeroom and 1st Period
        5th Period
        FLEX (8th) Period

      Middle School:
        FLEX (1st) Period, every morning

    • What should I do if my computer will not turn on?

    Connect your computer to the power supply and plug in at the nearest outlet.  Make sure all connections are secure. Holding the power button down for 30 seconds may trigger a reboot.


    • Can my child bring his/her own laptop to school?

    No.  At this time only school-provided equipment is allowed.  This allows us to make sure students can access the software required, have a secured internet connection, and the ability for us to support them.
    The technology department cannot provide support for any personal devices.


    • Will my child have a laptop to use if their laptop is out for repair?

    Yes.  Spare laptops are available for students to use while their computer is being repaired. 


    • Can the school laptop be connected to my home network and/or printer?

    All wireless networks should work by selecting the network via the Wi-Fi selection menu on your device.
    Home printers may work, however the Technology Department cannot support and assist with any personal equipment.

    • Can the webcam be accessed remotely?

    No.  Although each computer does have a built-in webcam, we cannot access it or control it from a remote location at school or at home. 


    • How can I access my student email account?

    Student email is available at http://mail.hak12.org.  Can't access your account? Use the Support Ticket system to alert us, or stop in during your Tech Help time.


    • What should I do if I can't access the Sapphire Account (Gradebook)?

    All parents and students received their own unique username and password to access grades and attendance online via Sapphire Software. If your account is not working, send an email request to HAChelp@hasdhawks.org with the parent name (if applicable) and student name and grade. You may also contact your school's guidance office for more information.


    • What if I couldn't attend the 9th grade meeting or am new to the district?

    An orientation session for 9th grade is conducted at the start of the school year.  Presentation materials will be posted below when available.