General Information

  • Select the appropriate section above to learn more about our online application process for volunteering. Please have all clearances in your possession and saved as PDF documents before starting the application process! 

    • All volunteers must first be approved by our Board of School Directors (Board)
    • Board approval will follow the closest meeting after complete submission of required documents
    • Volunteers may assist district-wide once approved
    • Volunteers may specify interest in specific locations within the online application
    • Once approved, please notify your building secretary to communicate changes in volunteer preferences or personal contact information such as address, phone number or email address

    Please contact the Director of Human Resources if you require assistance. 

    Am I considered a volunteer or a visitor?

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Hamburg Area School District (HASD). Volunteers play a vital role in many programs and activities around the District! Before getting started, please reference the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Volunteers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document which outlines the definition of a "volunteer". 

    How long can I volunteer for the District once approved?

    Once you have become a Board-approved volunteer, you will remain an active volunteer until the expiration of your clearances (generally 5 years), or until you terminate your volunteer status. Ninety days prior to expiration of your clearances you will be receive an email notification from Frontline Central that your clearances are nearing expiration. As long as you provide your renewed clearances before they expire, you will NOT be prompted to submit a new application and go through the Board approval process again.