Visitor/Volunteer Changes due to Coronavirus

  • Due to COVID-related concerns, the District is not accepting volunteer applications for the 2020-2021 academic year until further notice. More information will be forthcoming as the situation is evaluated and plans evolve. 

    Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

General Information

  • Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Hamburg Area School District (HASD). Volunteers play a vital role in many programs and activities around the District. Before getting started, please reference the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Volunteers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document which outlines the definition of a "volunteer". 

    Once you have become a Board-approved volunteer, your volunteer paperwork will be valid for 60 months (5 years) from the verification date of your clearances. Upon expiration of your clearances, you will be required to go through the approval process again if you wish to continue volunteering with HASD. 

    As per Act 24 of 2011, volunteers are required to notify the District in writing of any reportable offense within 72 hours of incident. Please reference the Act 24 Arrest/Conviction Certification for more information.  

    Questions regarding the volunteer process or required forms may be directed to the Coordinator of Human Resources at 610-562-2241 x 1741.

Volunteer Documents

Athletics/Coach Volunteers

  • In addition to the required volunteer forms, volunteer coaches must complete a number of certified training courses. All courses below will be offered to you free of charge through the District's SafeSchools account:

    • Concussion Awareness:Athletes (due annually)
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes (due annually)


    Required Courses - due within 24 months of employment

    • Fundamentals of Coaching
    • First Aid

    Pennsylvania law mandates that all coaches complete a basic coaching education program as well as a First Aid course within 24 months of becoming a coach. These courses are offered FREE OF CHARGE THROUGH THE HASD SAFESCHOOLS ACCOUNT. To set up your free SafeSchools account, please contact the Coordinator of Human Resources. If you have already completed these courses, please forward your valid certificate of completion to the Coordinator of Human Resources for exemption.  

    IMPORTANT! When applying for a coaching position, you must create a Coach Profile on the Pennsylvania, Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) website. The profile process requires you to upload your background clearances and course certificates. 

Return Volunteers

  • Board-approved Volunteers will be required to submit a new Volunteer Information Sheet on an annual basis in order to be considered an active volunteer for the District for the duration of their clearance period. If you are Board approved and your clearances are valid, but you do not volunteer for a full academic year (break in service) you will be required to submit the Act 24 Arrest/Conviction Certification with your Information Sheet in order to volunteer again.

    Existing volunteers will be contacted by the District at the beginning of a new academic year to obtain the Information Sheet. Information Sheets will not be accepted while school is not in session.