HASD Buildings Closed to Volunteers Until Further Notice

  • Update as of August 17, 2021: Hamburg Area School District is not accpeting building volunteer applications until further notice. An exception is being made in the athletics department and for band camp, as these programs cannot run without volunteers. We hope to be able to welcome all volunteers back after the second semester of the year. Thank you for your understanding. 

    When volunteers are able to return, Hamburg Area School District will follow a NEW, online process for submitting volunteer paperwork. All parents, guardians and community members who wish to volunteer must submit an online application along with new volunteer clearances, regardless of past status. Board approval will follow the nearest Board Meeting Agenda after complete submission of required documents.


    Volunteers may assist at any District location once Board approved, provided custody arrangements do not prohibit certain locations. Volunteers who prefer to volunteer at specific locations will have the ability to communicate their preferences within the application if they wish. Please do not submit your application to more than one building location/position!


    Volunteers who require assistance may reach out to a building secretary for help, however paper documents will no longer be accepted at the buildings



    Athletic Head/Assistant Coach Volunteers - Click Here to Apply



    Band Camp Volunteers - Click Here to Apply

    theatre High School Musical Volunteers - Click Here to Apply


General Information

  • Am I considered a volunteer or a visitor?

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Hamburg Area School District (HASD). Volunteers play a vital role in many programs and activities around the District! Before getting started, please reference the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Volunteers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document which outlines the definition of a "volunteer". 

    How long can I volunteer for the District once approved?

    Once you have become a Board-approved volunteer, you will remain an active volunteer until the expiration of your clearances (generally 5 years), or until you terminate your volunteer status. Ninety days prior to expiration of your clearances you will be receive an email notification that your clearances are nearing expiration. You will be prompted to submit a new application with your updated clearances and go through the Board approval process again. 


    Questions regarding the volunteer process or required forms may be directed to the Director of Human Resources at 610-562-2241 x 1741.

I'm ready to Apply! How Do I Get Started?

  • Step 1: Please review the following documents before completing any of the required forms:

    Step 2: Obtain Your Clearances (Each clearance must be submitted with your online application. Below are links to each website to apply for your certificates.):

    Step 3: Submit your online volunteer application and upload your 3 background clearances:

    Step 4: Once you fully submit your application you will receive 3 emails with links to the following documents. Each document must be executed electronically, as they are automatically saved to your online volunteer profile:
    • Act 24 Arrest/Conviction Certification
    • Board Policy 806, Child Abuse
    • Board Policy 916, School Volunteers
    Step 5: Wait for Board approval. You will be notified via email once you have been approved to volunteer.
    Please note: the District will not provide you with copies of your clearances. Please be sure to keep copies for your records.

Athletics/Coach Volunteers

  • In addition to the required volunteer forms, volunteer coaches must complete a number of certified training courses. All courses below will be offered to you free of charge through the District's SafeSchools account:

    • Concussion Awareness: Athletes (due annually)
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes (due annually)

    The Concussion and Cardiac Arrest certificates are not required until you have been Board approved. A SafeSchools account will be created for you and you will receive an email notification with the assigned courses to complete. 

    Required Courses - due within 24 months of start date

    • Fundamentals of Coaching
    • First Aid

    Pennsylvania law mandates that all coaches complete a basic coaching education program as well as a First Aid course within 24 months of becoming a coach. These courses are offered FREE OF CHARGE THROUGH THE HASD SAFESCHOOLS ACCOUNT. To set up your free SafeSchools account, please contact the Director of Human Resources. If you have already completed these courses, please upload your valid certificate of completion with your volunteer application.  

    IMPORTANT! When applying for a coaching position, you must create a Coach Profile on the Pennsylvania, Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) website. The profile process requires you to upload your background clearances and course certificates.