Volunteer Opportunities

  • Hamburg Area School District is now accepting volunteer applications for specific events/functions. Submit an online application to volunteer for one of the events or functions listed at the bottom of this page. You will be prompted to upload applicable background clearances with your application. Please have all clearances in your possession and saved as PDF documents before starting the application process! 

    • All volunteers must first be approved by our Board of School Directors (Board)
    • Board approval will follow the closest meeting after complete submission of required documents
    • Volunteers may assist district-wide once approved
    • Volunteers may specify interest in specific locations within the online application
    • Once approved, please notify your building secretary to communicate changes in volunteer preferences or personal contact information such as address, phone number or email address

    Please contact the Director of Human Resources if you require assistance. 

Obtaining Your Clearances

  • Step 1: Please review the following documents before completing any of the required forms:

    Step 2: Obtain Your Background Clearances (All 3 clearances must be submitted with your online application. Below are links to each website/form required.):

    1. Act 151 PA Child Abuse Certification (free of charge) - In most cases, you will receive an electronic certificate as soon as you submit. Be sure to save the PDF certificate to your computer!
    2. Act 34 PA Criminal History Verification (free of charge) - You will receive an electronic certificate as soon as you submit. Be sure to save the PDF certificate to your computer!
    3. Volunteer Affirmation Form (free of charge) - Submit this form instead of the Act 114/FBI clearance if you have resided in PA for 10+ consecutive years. THIS FORM WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IF IT IS SIGNED ELECTRONICALLY. PLEASE PRINT, SIGN WITH A PEN, AND SCAN TO YOUR COMPUTER). OR, If you have NOT resided in PA for 10+ consecutive years, you must submit the Act 114 FBI Federal Criminal History report. The cost is $23.85 and will be scheduled through a 3rd party service, Identogo. Use service code "1 K G 6 Z J" when registering for your FBI clearance. As of December 1, 2022 you must submit your clearance through the Department of Human Services (DHS). An Identogo receipt is no longer an acceptable document. You must provide the District with the unofficial or an official report which could take up to 10-14 days to receive. If you receive an unofficial copy of your report electronically, you only have one opportunity to save or print your clearance. If you do not save or print your clearance when you open it online, you will need to contact the Department of Human Services and request a copy be mailed to you. 

      Important: Do NOT submit receipts with your application. Only PDF files containing the actual certificate will be accepted. You must submit the unofficial copy of your FBI report, not your Identogo Receipt. 

    Step 3: Submit your online volunteer application and upload your 3 background clearances:

    Step 4: Once you fully submit your application you will receive 3 emails with links to the following documents. Each document must be executed electronically:
    • Act 24 Arrest/Conviction Certification
    • Board Policy 806, Child Abuse
    • Board Policy 916, School Volunteers
    Step 5: Wait for Board approval. You will be notified via email once you have been approved to volunteer.
    Please note: the District will not provide you with copies of your clearances. Please keep copies of your records!

Athletics/Coach Volunteers

  • In addition to the required volunteer forms, volunteer coaches must complete a number of certified training courses. All courses below will be offered to you free of charge through the District's SafeSchools account:

    • Concussion Awareness: Athletes (due annually)
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes (due annually)

    The Concussion and Cardiac Arrest certificates are not required until you have been Board approved. A SafeSchools account will be created for you and you will receive an email notification with the assigned courses to complete. 

    Required Courses - due within 24 months of start date

    • Fundamentals of Coaching
    • First Aid

    Pennsylvania law mandates that all coaches complete a basic coaching education program as well as a First Aid course within 24 months of becoming a coach. These courses are offered FREE OF CHARGE THROUGH THE HASD SAFESCHOOLS ACCOUNT. To set up your free SafeSchools account, please contact the Director of Human Resources. If you have already completed these courses, please upload your valid certificate of completion with your volunteer application.  

    IMPORTANT! When applying for a coaching position, you must create a Coach Profile on the Pennsylvania, Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) website. The profile process requires you to upload your background clearances and course certificates. 

Volunteer Opportunities







    Athletic Head/Assistant Coach Volunteers


    Music Department Music  / Band Volunteers 2022-2023  
      Middle School Music Department Field Trip:High Note Festival - Hershey, PA May 12, 2023
    Perry & Tilden

    Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) - ID 571

    WATCH D.O.G.S.® is an innovative program being used by schools across America which helps them to be positively impacted by the committed involvement of fathers and father-figures in their student’s life. Volunteers are scheduled to spend at least one day a year in one of our elementary buildings to be a positive male role model to our students. Dads, granddads, uncles, step-dads and adult brothers may apply for this volunteer opportunity. 

    Open Year Round
    Middle School, Perry, & Tilden Elementary

    Classroom Events & Field Trip Volunteers

    Please select the link for the building you wish to volunteer. If you have students at the elementary and middle school level, you may communicate a desire to volunteer in multiple locations in the application process. 

    Open Year Round
    Perry Elementary

    Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) - ID 569

    Open Year Round  
    RSR Perry Elementary Ready.Set.READ!  (In partnership with the United Way) Open Year Round    
    Tilden Elementary

    Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)  - ID 578

    Open Year Round    
    RSR   Tilden Elementary

    Ready.Set.READ!  (In partnership with the United Way)  

    Open Year Round      

General Information

  • Am I considered a volunteer or a visitor?

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Hamburg Area School District (HASD). Volunteers play a vital role in many programs and activities around the District! Before getting started, please reference the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Volunteers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document which outlines the definition of a "volunteer". 

    How long can I volunteer for the District once approved?

    Once you have become a Board-approved volunteer, you will remain an active volunteer until the expiration of your clearances (generally 5 years), or until you terminate your volunteer status. Ninety days prior to expiration of your clearances you will be receive an email notification from Frontline Central that your clearances are nearing expiration. As long as you provide your renewed clearances before they expire, you will NOT be prompted to submit a new application and go through the Board approval process again.