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                The Hamburg Area School District experienced considerable growth in many areas of technology throughout the current school year.   By continuing and expanding programs that were initiated in previous years, we were able to bring 21st century hardware, software, and instructional practices to classrooms and offices throughout the district.  

    Each student in grades 6 through 12 are issued a device.     



                    For many years, students and staff at the High School and Middle School have been issued an account to access the district network. 


                    Access to a Promethean board and student laptops helped bring many instructional practices into the 21st century.  Teachers developed lessons that were more engaging and included more interactive activities.  Several teachers used the Promethean Activotes to assess student understanding and provide immediate feedback.  This tool brought a different level of excitement to classrooms and guaranteed student participation.  

                    Learning was not confined to the classrooms of Hamburg.  The purchase of additional Polycom video conferencing units allowed more classrooms to make connections around the world.  Several video conferences and interactive tours were held throughout the year.  Students were given the opportunity to interact with authors, connect with scientists, and go on college tours without leaving the building.


                    Each year, we continue to improve the lines of communication between school, parents, and community.  This effort took a giant leap forward last year with the implementation of Home Access Center.  Parents and guardians of students in grades 6-12 were provided with a username and password.  This access allowed them to go on-line and view their child’s upcoming assignments, grades, attendance, and contact information.  Home Access Center was well received by parents.  Teachers received an increased amount of communication from parents and were able to better communicate students’ progress.

    Professional Development

                    A critical component to any new program or initiative is professional development.  Training to learn new skills and time to implement them into the classroom are imperative for success.   From inservice days to before and after school workshops, teachers were given many opportunities to successfully integrate technology into their classroom.

                    Teachers at the secondary level completed a 30 hour course titled “Teaching in the 21st Century:  The need for change.”  This on-line course exposed teachers to new communication tools including discussion boards and highlighted how today’s students communicate and interact.  Teachers participated in discussions about the changing needs of students and the challenges that teachers face today.  The needs of a 21st century student are constantly changing and teachers must adapt instructional practices to meet these needs.

                    The elementary teachers were given time to learn new skills and adapt existing curriculums to be used with the Promethean board.  Many workshops were conducted and a schedule was developed allowing teachers to customize their professional development to meet their needs.  Grade level teams met and worked together to develop flipcharts and other tools that could be used immediately in daily lessons.  Teachers responded favorably to the professional development programs that were developed and were appreciative of the opportunity to work with colleagues on meaningful activities.

    Information Technology Department Responsibilities

    1.  Phone System, including phone servers and phones in each of the four buildings.

    2.  Intercom , clock system, and time syncronization.

    3.  Networking technologies including managment and monitoring of computer systems and network infrastructure.

         File servers; GroupWise, network storage, network user accounts, moodle , HVAC and lighting server, Card Access server, Security Cameras, Blade server (VMware), SAN, WIFI controllers, food service Point of Sale, Follett library server.

    4.  Technology Budget, and Hardware purchases, including all hardware under lease.

    5.  Inventory of Technology Assets.

    6.  Support and repair of all laptops, and desktops in the district.  The node count will surpass 2000 device after August of 2011 with the additional 1:1 laptops.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    As a student how do I check my email?
    The students have an email in the domain, this stands for Hamburg Area K12.  Your email address is and you can check your email by going to

    As a staff member how do I check email from home?
    Open your browser and enter 

    If you need to enter a tech request login to the district intranet by going to and scroll down to the tech request system, select create a new ticket.

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