Registration Information

  • During the school closure, please email Mrs. Lisa Welgo,, to register a child.



    Kindergarten Registration for 2020-2021

    Registration information and packet are listed below.
    If you need a copy of the registration form mailed to you, contact Lisa Welgo at

    Mail all completed paperwork and copies of required documents to:

    Hamburg Area School District
    Attention: Lisa Welgo
    701 Windsor Street
    Hamburg, PA, 19526


    Drop off completed paperwork and copies of required documents in a sealed envelope labeled ‘Kindergarten Registration” during food distribution every Tuesday between 11:30-12:30 at any of the three locations: Perry, Tilden, or High School

    Please turn in as much information as you can at this time. Once the school buildings are open during regular business hours, we will work with families who are unable to make copies of required documents.


    When schools are open:

    To enroll a new student in the Hamburg Area School District you must schedule an appointment by calling Mrs. Lisa Welgo, District Registration Secretary, at 610-562-2241, extension 1736 or email 

    Centralized registration is located in the Business Office (Exit #1) at 701 Windsor Street, Hamburg.

    Please print and complete the appropriate registration packet under related files below.

    For your appointment, please bring the completed registration packet and photocopies of the following documents: 


    1. Immunization records
    2. Report cards or a transcript
    3. Discipline records – if there are no discipline records, we need a letter from the school stating that the student does not have any discipline records.
    4. Birth certificate
    5. Any custody agreement form, if applicable
    6. Two proofs of residency: 
      • Agreement of property sale/lease
      • Property deed
      • Statement of home owner's insurance
      • Bills or receipts showing new address
      • Bank statement showing address
      • Vehicle registration card or application for change of address
      • TV cable or satellite activation/billing statement; current electric and phone bill bearing new address
      • Driver's license or driver's application for change of address
      • Property tax receipt
      • Pay stub from employer

    When the registration process is complete, your child will be assigned to a teacher, given a schedule, have transportation arranged, and be given a starting date for school.  This process takes approximately 2-3 days to complete. 

    Do not expect your child to start the day of registration!

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