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  • Algebra 1/Algebra 1A/Algebra 1B

    Students entering ninth grade who have not taken an Algebra I course previously should start their high school sequence with this mathematics course. Students who took Algebra I in middle school and earned below a C should also start high school with this course. Students taking Algebra 1 may still qualify for future Post-Secondary courses. In Algebra 1, students learn the basic definitions, terminology and rules necessary for the complete algebra sequence. An emphasis on reasoning and justification of algebraic processes is introduced. The four basic operations involving real numbers and variables are stressed along with solving and graphing linear equations and inequalities through a variety of problem solving techniques.


    PLEASE NOTE: Students who are enrolled in Algebra 1A and Algebra 1B will cover the topics listed below over the span of two years. Students who are enrolled in Algebra 1 will cover the topics in one year. Algebra 1A and Algebra 1B units are not necessarily numbered in the same way as listed below. 


    Unit 1: Comparing and ordering numbers

    Unit 2: Simplifying square roots

    Unit 3: LCM & GCF

    Unit 4: Polynomial operations; laws of exponents

    Unit 5: Multiplying and factoring polynomials

    Unit 6: Solving 1-variable equations

    Unit 7: Inequalities

    Unit 8: Graphing lines

    Unit 9: Linear inequalities

    Unit 10: Writing equations of lines

    Unit 11: Systems of equations

    Unit 12: Functions and relations

    Unit 13: Data Organization and Data Analysis



    The curriculum for this course can be found on the HASD website at

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