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    The 2025-2026 BCTC application will open in October 2024.

    For easy-to-follow directions, please refer to the BCTC Application Checklist below.

    BCTC Application Checklist: 

    1. Complete Online Application

    2. Teacher Recommendation Forms

    Ask two (2) teachers to complete a Teacher Recommendation form

    Important Note to Students: Students applying for Medical Health Professions must provide a letter of reference from a science teacher and School Counselor instead of the two (2) teacher recommendations.

    3. Complete the Application Essay

    Be sure to type your responses and submit it to Mrs. Del Conte at .  Your application will not be considered complete until the essay is turned in. Your written response will be evaluated on evidence of career planning, preparation, and interest.

    Essays should include the following:

    • Describe your long-term career goal and why you chose to pursue this goal.
    • Explain what you have done to date that has helped you learn more about this field.
    • Describe why you feel you will be successful in this career field.

    4. Complete the BCTC Admissions Agreement

    Complete the Admissions Agreement with your parent/guardian. Submit the Admissions Agreement, with your essay, to Mrs. Del Conte.

    5. Check in with Mrs. Del Conte

    Meet with Mrs. Del Conte in the library or email her to confirm that your application is complete.